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In-Wall Placement

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So I've got a bit of a dilemma. I'm in the final stages of our media room build and I'm wrestling with the placement of my in-walls behind my AT screen. The screen wall is a shade over 12' wide with a 126" 16:9 going up and the main seating distance at 14'. My LCR in-walls are Def Tech RLS II's.

Based on the stud spacing, I have two placement choices for the L&R. I can place the centerline at 24" off the walls which gives me ~8' between the L&R. The other choice is to place them at 40" off of the wall which gives me nearly 5.5' between the two.

I'm pretty well set on the wider soundstage, because well, it's a wider soundstage. My only concern is that I'm possibly too close to the walls. What do you guys think?

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I'd go with the wider spacing. The narrow option really seems too narrow. With only 5.5' separation, and by the time you factor in the center, I would think that everything would just run together.
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Even at 8' with and 14' listeningdistance your speakers are a bit close, so based on the info given here thats the way i would go. If possible, you might consider placing some reflection dampening in the first reflection points if the speakers are close to the wall. It does help and it is an easy build.
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I like and did a wider soundstage but I think the closer may have been more seemless in a natural sound. Its funny I find myself hearing where the L&Rs "are" instead of hearing sound.
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