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Media Rack Location

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Just moved into a new house (new to me). The previous owner finished the basement and I'm making it into a modest HT room. i fianlly finished build my rack and now I'm trying to figure out the best location.

It is an in the wall rack and I have two clean options due to the stuff that is behind the walls.

The left side is the outside wall so can't go there. the back wall has the entry doors and goes into another finished area, so i would have to do some significant redo for that wall. That leaves me the front wall and the right wall. HVAC return is on the front wall on the right. and the front right of the right wall is open on the back of the wall.

I attached a few picture showing my mockup of the media center with my stuff in it in the two locations that I'm looking at. My equipment is currently on the stand that used to be for my older TV. I just set it up like that to get things working, it'll go away when the rack goes in.

i would appreciate any comments on what others have done or think would work well. BTW very little light come from the equipment as i have everything set on dim.


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Definitely the side wall for three reasons: less distracting, doesn't interfere with speaker placement, and most importantly, doesn't preclude you from a larger display or projection screen in the future.

And get your L/R speakers out of the corners - they'll sound better brought in a foot+...

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I had the speakers out farther, but had moved them back to move some stuff around and do some cleaning. I'm leaning to the right wall but the other half likes the front...rolleyes.gif
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Originally Posted by ragtop13 View Post

I'm leaning to the right wall but the other half likes the front...rolleyes.gif

So the other half WANTS to look at that equipment?
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