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Official 2013 LG xxLA8600 Owner's Thread

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I have not seen any reviews on AVS yet for this LG model so I thought I would start an official page so owners can post their thoughts and share their experiences.

Here is a link to the 60" model from LG's website:


Here are some recent reviews:



Here is a nice overview from Crutchfields website:


Our take on the LG 60LA8600
by Steve Kindig

A beautiful blend of art and science
LG's 60LA8600 has one of the thinnest bezels we've seen, creating a virtually edgeless look that photos really don't do justice to. Picture quality is just as exceptional thanks to LG's "LED Plus" backlight with local dimming. The screen responds instantly as scenes get brighter or darker — you'll enjoy consistently high picture contrast with deep black levels. Sports fans will love the way this set's 240Hz refresh rate keeps on-screen motion smooth and clear.

Up-to-the-minute Smart TV features
LG offers some of the web-savviest TVs available. The 60LA8600's built-in web apps give you instant access to a nearly limitless selection of entertainment — streamed video from services like Netflix®, Vudu®, and Hulu Plus™, music from Pandora® and Rhapsody®, social networking, and lots more. A dual-core processor really speeds up web browsing and app multitasking. LG's user-friendly TV/web interface makes navigation a piece of cake.

The 60LA8600's built-in pop-up camera makes it easy to stay connected with friends and family through Skype.
LG's latest Magic Remote is no ordinary "clicker"
The 60LA8600 comes with LG's redesigned motion-sensing Magic Remote. We liked last year's version, and this new one is even better. The gesture control capability makes it easy to search and select web entertainment just by pointing and clicking. It's very similar to using a wireless videogame controller or an air mouse. Other nice touches include a scroll wheel and a built-in microphone for voice commands. The Magic Remote really shines with this set's Smart TV features. When you're used to navigating your computer screen with a mouse or trackpad, an old-school button-based TV remote feels kind of clunky in comparison.

There's also a pop-up camera on the top of the TV that makes it easy to stay in touch with friends and family through Skype®. This big, sharp screen makes room for multiple people to join in the conversation.

Comfortable, compelling 3D viewing, and amazing two-player gaming
Enjoy the immersive 3D experience of the movie theater at home with LG's Cinema 3D technology. The 3D effects are impressive, and with 2D-to-3D conversion and 3D depth control, you get to choose how strong the 3D effect is. LG's passive 3D glasses are comfortable and lightweight, and 4 pairs are included with the 60LA8600 so your family and friends won't miss out on the fun. And don't forget that LG's 3D TVs are wonderful for 2D video, as well. LG Cinema 3D is perfect for enjoying theater-like 3D movies and video games with the family. And because this TV is Full HD in both 2D and 3D, you get an extraordinary picture no matter what you are watching.

LG's latest screen technology also means that you can now enjoy two-player gaming on the same TV without the need for a split screen. Two players can compete independently and see the action on a full screen. Note: Two-player gaming mode requires LG's special AG-F310DP glasses which are sold separately.

59.5" screen (measured diagonally)
glossy screen, ultra-thin bezel with brushed metal stand
tuner receives over-the-air HDTV broadcasts (antenna required)
QAM cable TV tuner (subscription required to receive cable channels — contact your local service provider for details)
displays 3D images when you wear LG's passive 3D glasses (4 pairs of glasses are included)
2D-to-3D conversion adds 3D-like depth to non-3D video sources
"LED Plus" edge backlight with local dimming for superior picture contrast with deep black levels
TruMotion 240Hz refresh rate for clear video motion
Resolution Upscaler Plus for improved picture quality for non-HD video sources
Internet-ready Smart TV — plays Netflix® video and more (subscription required for Netflix service)
supports up to 5.1-channel audio with streaming movie services like Netflix and Vudu™ (audio quality depends on your connection speed)
built-in Wi-Fi® to link to a wireless network
Intel® Wireless Display (WiDi) technology for direct wireless content transfer from compatible devices with no Wi-Fi network needed
top-mounted pop-up camera
dual-core processor for improved web browsing and picture quality
video and music streaming from a DLNA-compatible Windows® PC
MHL-compatible HDMI input for viewing photos/videos from a compatible smartphone on the TV's screen
Skype™-compatible (requires LG camera — sold separately)
built-in 2.1 speaker system (12 watts x 2 plus 12 watts for woofer)
motion-sensing Magic Remote with built-in microphone for voice control
free downloadable app lets you use a compatible smartphone or tablet as a remote control
SIMPLINK™ simplifies control of compatible LG components via the HDMI connection (HDMI-CEC)
meets ENERGY STAR® requirements

Connections and Dimensions:
5 A/V inputs, including:
4 HDMI v1.4
1 component video (selectable component/composite)
RF input for antenna/cable signals
optical digital audio output
Ethernet port for a wired connection to a home network
3 USB ports for connecting a camera or thumb drive
detachable stand
wall-mountable (bracket not included)
52-11/16"W x 30-5/16"H x 1-1/2"D (33-1/2"H x 12-1/2"D on stand)
weight: 67.5 lbs. with stand; 61.1 lbs. without stand
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Here's another LA8600 Review

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The Flatpanel review mentioned a 70 inch model for the usa market. Anyone know if that is factual?
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Originally Posted by jetjocky View Post

The Flatpanel review mentioned a 70 inch model for the usa market. Anyone know if that is factual?

It's scheduled to be released later this year, September most likely.
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Just a FYI for those who may be considering the 60LA8600. IF you go to the LG website and compare it against the 60LA7400 you will see that the only difference between the two set's is the camera with Skype, the borderless screen on the LA8600 and the HxWxD of the 2 set's.
So unless you really want the camera and borderless screen the LA7400 is exactly the same and around $500 cheaper.
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Capt C.. Thanks for that input. I appreciate the reply.
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Hi CaptC,

Thanks for the info. A 70" version will be awesome! The borderless cinema screen really adds the appearance of looking thru a window. Looks fantastic!
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I postulate the 70 inch will be priced to compete with the sammy 65f8000 and be well under the sammy 75f8000 price. Any news as to the release date?
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Does anyone in this forum actually own this LG xxLA8600 3D Smart TV? How is it picture quality comparing with last year LG xxLM8600 model? Can anyone take a picture of your "MY APPS" screen of this TV and post here to share with others? Thank you for any help.
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yes, I have it. It's great. I can't make it crash, and I'm good at it. Picture is great, 3d terrific. It keeps switching video from vived to eco crap.
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I literally just got one, initial impression is picture quality is amazing!

I have a problem with 'simplink', I had it with my previous LG tv too. Whenever you change input simplink would stop working. Turning simplink off/on it would resume functioning with the device.

However with the LA8600. You cannot change back to the devices HDMI input while simplink is not working. Also turning simplink on/off changes the audio settings from 'external' back to tv speakers. I think firmware bug for the audio setting being reset by turning simplink on/off.
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Just purchased the 55LA8600 via Amazon, scheduled delivery is next week. Look forward to getting it all set up. Replacing an old Panasonic 50" plasma that only runs to 720p and has burn in and color distortion after 7 years of life.

Pairing it up with an onkyo tx-nr717 receiver, directv hr34, lg bp530 blu ray player ( replacing a lg superblu BH200 )

So any tips for initial setup?
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It does do DTS and Dolby pass through, before LG only did Dolby. Passthrough works if you select 'optical out' but I get speaker popping when changing channels and such. They also have a another mode 'sound sync optical out' a special optimized optical out setting, no speaker popping when changing channels etc. The only downside is this mode doesn't do passthrough.

Dunno if its my media player or the tv, but DTS audio I can hear a ever so faintly drop volume for a millisecond every 10 or 15 minutes if the tv or amp decodes the audio but if I make the mediaplayer decode the sound is fine.

I would like to hear if other people notice anything similar to this?
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Well the 55LA8600 arrived and is now setup and the picture is stunning. So much better then the old 720p Plasma we had before and the 3d works well from all parts of the room.

Can't wait to sit back and watch a movie on it later today.
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What is happening to this this model?

The LG 60LA8600 model is classified as the no. 1 in the 60`and larger category, in the Dec. edition of Consumer Reports.

It seems that this model is not much talked about here.

I`d be curious to know why! confused.gif
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I purchased the 60 inch recently (in part due to CR) and am very pleased with it.  I was previously a plasma only zealot, in part due to the superior viewing angle, but this panel does not disappoint.  I think it's not talked about much because it doesn't have many issues, and because its not (Samsung/Sony/etc). 

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I purchased a 55la8600 from sears picture quality is great love how you can customize video settings in 3d etc.  I recorded a video with the skype camera that I'm still trying to figure how to get it off the tv and upload it to one of our shared PCs.  Also I've had the tv randomly reset itself once in a while.  It doesn't repeat and doesn't really happen often to outway the pros of the tv but i've read lg tvs have had this problem in the past so now i'm kinda concerned. Any input would be appreciated glad to find this thread.

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Eddy - do you have the auto-update turned on?  If so, that may be what is causing your TV to reset.  We you get your TV, it is behind on firmware updates.  It should settle down now...

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Hi guys! New to the forums...some feedback since I just bought the TV a couple of weeks back. Hope this helps anyone looking for advise on this for Black Friday...


Just bought the LG 55LA8600 here in Toronto. Got a great deal on the TV. Dell was advertising this for $2699 (original price) and had a discount of $1410 on it which obviously was a mistake. But while the ad was active, I bought the TV at Best Buy with price match. Next day the deal was gone from Dell and when it was reposted, it had a discount of $410 and not $1410 as was showing previously.


Anyways, considering what I paid for it, I am very happy. I'd not have been as happy had I paid anything over $1600- $1700 for this TV. Here's why...




- Pretty bad backlight bleed on top and bottom left and right of the TV. Top left is the worst

- Black levels - I found them generally okay but then I've never had any true black Plasmas to compare it to. I did a side by side comparison against the Samsung UN55F6800 and the LG is a clear clear winner

- LED clear motion (smoothing, clear plus, clear etc) is very very bad and you get that ghastly soap opera feel when watching it. Breaking Bad looked like Bold and the Beautiful - which is saying a lot. Turn it off though and you're back to normal.

- Samsung's app store is better designed than LG but all apps are still there..

- App store UI is so much better with Samsung






- Amazing picture quality once you tinker around with some presets

- Cinema and ISF presets are pretty good

- Game play - playing Fifa 14 on Xbox 360 is awesome however compared to the Samsung the game play picture looks considerably soft. Not sure why..

- Netflix, Plex Media Server, youtube etc works like a charm with great quality

- Played a couple of 3D BR movies and they look amazing - Passive 3D but still tires your eyes after an hour or so of watching - much better than Samsung Active 3D - I had a headache watching that for 10 mins

- Remote is very sweet.. However, it doesn't connect to my Cable Box as the Samsung remote/TV did

- Connectivity options are amazing - Plex is working like a charm, so is my NAS,

- Miracast mirrorring also works like a charm. There's still some pixellation from time to time but overall it's great

- Haven't tried MHL yet..or Wifi Direct

- Youtube app works well - never worked on the Samsung TV

- TV looks awesome.. very very thin bezel

- The sound is great compared to the Samsung - it's got a subwoofer as well plus a sound mode called "Smart Sound" which automatically changes sound mode based on what you're watching


Can't really think of anything else. If you have questions, please ask and I will reply as soon as I get a chance.

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Not a lot of people have this tv, im looking into purchasing it at a great deal. Anything wrong with it?
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hi guys, I just bought LG 47LA8600 - im really happy with the decision , great PQ and awesome features. however im afraid the led is suffering from some amount of clouding.


I've been reading the reviews and im confused, is clouding normal ? please check the pics attached and let me know if I should I get the led replaced (while I still have 7 days left to replace - however, no guarantee's if the other led will be better or worse) or is the below condition normal.


the clouding is visible in pitch black room with standard tv settings, and it gets better almost perfect when I change the settings to cinema mode. the first is cinema mode, and the later is standard setting.


please advice







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