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Brightness question when using calibration disc

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Hey guys I have a question about brightness, i hope someone can help me. When I press the start button when playing a videogame or when there is a dark screen, like when channels are not available, I have noticed that rising brightness above 45 makes the screen's black color a little gray. However, it stays dark, and not gray, if I keep brightness at 45 or lower (it keeps the same brightness level from 45 and below).

I bought Disney's WOW calibration disc some months ago and when calibrating the screen it gives me a brightness of 47. It has a pattern where there are stars on a black background and some stars must be visible and some not visible.
Well, if I keep brightness at 45, the star that should be "in the verge of being visible" is totally not visible. By rising brightness level at 47, that star is barely visible, which I think that is what it means by "in the verge of being visible"? (the disc does not explain that well).

My question is, do I keep brightness at 47 even though it makes blacks a little gray or do I keep it at 45?

My TV is an already old Samsung LN46B650 model.

Thank you!
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I tthink that it is more correct at 47, barely visible is what was mentioned at the 2013 HDTV Shootout. There is a clip on you tube from the shoootout called Contrast Ratio watch it and it talks about setting up black level using the Disney Wow disk. Barely visible is what they shot for,the professionals .


Start watching at around the 13 minute mark.

Disney Wow which is for Blu-ray is one "source" games is another source and you would have to set up brightness using your Disney Wow disk playing through your game console. Each source has to be set up seperately, they will all have different brightness values. Your best source obviously is blu-ray .
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The brightness setting might be right for that video game ... but the problem is that most video games are not created based on any standard as opposed to films and tv shows that do follow a standard.

The WOW disc would be preferred ... as long as you follow the instructions correctly. You wouldn't believe how many people say they can follow instructions and can't when it comes to these discs. At least 50% will get it wrong. (Problem is .. they all say they got it right ...)

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it's a good idea to set your TV to the correct setting on the Disney WOW disc (or other calibration/setup disc) and then use the in-game brightness setting for individual games if needed... this way you don't screw the brightness setting for video content like DVD/BD just to make one game look right
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Uh... allow me to state the obvious here...

If you are worried that 45 is a little too dark and 47 might be a little too bright... why aren't you using a setting of 46 and just forget about it?

If you really want a good Brightness test pattern, you need one with digital levels from 0-25 or so. 16 and lower should all be black, the same darkness of black. 17 should be just barely visible, but some displays get too bright when you set Brightness 1 click higher and you can distinctly see step 16... that is 1 click too bright for the Brightness control.

I believe one of the free discs you can download from AVS and burn on your computer has a Brightness pattern like that. The test/setup discs like WOW often have levels displayed in % rather than digital where each % is a little more than 2 digital steps. So if the setup disc is using 2% differences, that's more than 4 digital steps which is a pretty big difference. Using single digital steps tells you more about what the TV is doing.
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