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Seleco SDG 900

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Actually I have a Seleco SDG 900. It has an amazing picture and relatively easy to set up. It has worked for 12 years basically non stop as we use it as our main TV unit.
The problem is now that I do have a problem (unit starts up and shuts down immediately), and the tubes probably need replacing as the picture is getting a bit dark these days, where the heck do I get parts for this thing. I can't find anyone that has parts for this machine, and very few AV heads have heard of it. I've even called Italy (where the unit is made) to see if there are parts stashed somewhere to no avail. Great unit, bad to service. Not sure what to do. If anyone knows where there are parts (maybe in a warehouse some where in the US, please let me know.
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Correct, very few Selecos were sold at all worldwide, I've never even seen a 900, and have had upwards of 6000 projectors through here over the years. Zero parts or schematics available. It's time to retire it. If you like CRT, I can certainly get you into a higher end set that's got plenty of parts for it out there, and if you like the picture that a Seleco puts out, you'll love what a higher end set will do for you.

Cabling and the throw distance will remain unchanged, unless you don't already have an HD HDMI signal added into the mix, which at this point is mandatory.

Feel free to email me at curtpalme at shaw.ca

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What Was HiRez projectors had one about 10 years ago. It could be still there. I think these used rare tubes though. Reminded me a cross between a Sony d50 and Barco 708.
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you can still find parts for the sdg900 , see me private message to you
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