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2013 Confederations Cup on ESPN

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The top regional winners + 2014 World Cup hosts Brazil + Euro runner's up Italy = 8 fun teams in the warm-up for the World Cup next year (which is now officially less than 365 days away).

Anyone else watching these games?

I for one enjoyed the Italy v Mexico game... and hope the upcoming Spain v Uruguay game lives up to the hype.
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Mexico Vs. Brazil up next, Mexico has very little chances, it would take a small miracle to win Vs. Brazil in their home turf, specially how badly Mexico has been playing lately

I predict a 3-1 Brazil win
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Yeah, it's a sad story for Mexico right now - I'm sure they were hoping that the Confederations Cup would turn their fortunes around from their poor WCQ showing lately, but it's a tough matchup for them. I don't see Mexico escaping this game with a point. In the other match today (JPN vs ITA) I'm actually thinking Japan can pull off an upset. Either way, I'm looking forward to the games!
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Is anyone enjoying watching teams beat up on Tahiti? Maybe FIFA should reconsider who qualifies for the Confederations Cup. I'm all for letting the little guy get a chance on the big stage, but these Tahiti games are no fun.
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Well they are fun for the other team, like playing vs an amateur team

10-0 is a huge blowout...

Now Nigeria Vs. Uruguay is going to be interesting

Yesterday I enjoyed how Japan scared the hell out of Italy, they were winning 2-0 at one time, they also gave a free penalty kick to Italy
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In about the 65th minute of the Nigeria Uruguay match the international audio feed was audible while the ESPN crew continued on.
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Have you tried watching them on Unimas instead?
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