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Setup XBMC With Refresh Rate Changing?

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Hello Everybody!
I Would like to explain what I would like to achieve with XBMC or perhaps any other front-end you guys would suggest.
I own a PC with the following specifications:
Intel Core I5 3750
Gigabyte H77M-D3H

That PC is used as my main pc and not a media center only machine, which is why i connect it to 2 monitors.
Connection A - LG D2342P - Passive 3D PC Display - Connected using DVI-D
Connection B - Sony STR-DH520 3D Capable Receiver that is connected to my Samsung EH6030 (3D Capable TV) to pass sound and picture from the PC using HDMI

what i want to create is a situation, where all of my media content, be it 2D or 3D plays at the correct frame rate (or at least as close as possible) without having to manually apply it or disable 3D vision.
I would also like to be able to play Blu-Ray ISOS and BDMV Folders with full menu support.

The problem for me is that all of this needs to be accomplished through XBMC meaning, that I have to set up some sort of external player for XBMC

I was able to make PowerDVD open on MKV and BDMV but haven't been able to do so with ISOS be it 2D or 3D

I hope that I was clear and what I`m trying to do is possible.
Any help would be very much appreciated!
Thank you in Advance,
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XBMC under Openelec on Raspberry Pi has an option to automatically set output refresh rate to match source framerate.

I imagine the same would be true on other hardware platforms, but I'm not sure about XBMC on Windows.
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Noah (are you Israeli by chance? - I live in Israel)
Thank you for your reply.
indeed the option is present in XBMC but the whole point is that XBMC cannot play the formats I watch the way i want them to be played.
BDMV Folder structures (both 2d and 3d) wont play with the full menu support which is what i`m after.
i`m looking for a way to start bdmv folder structures (2d or 3d) with menu support at the correct frame rate using an external player
the only problem i am facing now, is that i need to somehow make the script determine if the bdmv is 2d or 3d and enable or disable 3d vision.

EDIT: I have got MKVS to play correctly whitin XBMC
now bdmv and iso with refresh rate changer left.
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