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sony ZOOM problem

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hello all! my sony kv 34 drc510 is getting my nerves up quite a bit and im sure someone here has some handy advice for my problem ..heres the thing .i had my sony repaired supposedly the two d board chip syndrome it was a sony authorized repair ! with a 3 month warranty. when i got it home and recruited a couple of guys to help me unload it .fired it up and hooked it up to my local cable feed and it was like zoomed and pixelated and i didnt think to much about it .so i bought a remote that operates the zoom function and to no avail... so i thought maybe it needes a true HD input so i connected it to a bd-350 and it displays a HUGE really super detailed image.. so close to HD nirvana butttt...zoomed (cant read the green volume or channel displays they extend beyond the edge of the screen.) finally a sony tech came to the house and went into the service menu but you cant read the green numbers on the left hand side!!!!! so he said it would take a huge amount of time to adjust and also he didnt think it was a calibration issue he said i must have damaged something in transit ...does any one no if this sounds feasible?and can someone tell me if there is a SIZE SETTING IN THE SERVICE MENU i have the service manual and am reasonably astute but have never attempted to calibrate a tv! also isnt there a error log that maybe can tell me what is wrong!! also tried supplying various inputs from my denon avr890 with exceptional picture quality but ZOOMED. thanks ahead for any advice anyone can give!
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Take it back to the shop and have them make the proper adjustments. Stop payment on your check or credit card if possible.

You could probably adjust the geometry yourself, but... that should not be your responsibility.

If you have a service manual, you may be able to adjust the parameters that relate to HPos, VPos, HSize, VSize.

Also, no need for duplicate posts. wink.gif
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thanks for youre reply unfortunately i paid for the repair in cash and due to logistical problems it would be quite difficult to haul it back to the shop !also they dont seem to want to repair older crt sets! i had to convince them to please do the d board ic replacement and after a month they said it was ready .am i right in thinking that it is indeed a calibration issue and not (damaged in transit) like the sony tech said!? and yes i do have the service manual .but as stated earlier i cant read the left hand side of the service menu because it is zoomed off the screen if i knew how many lines down are the vertical size adjustments maybe i could fix it!!
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Oh well. Perhaps next time you should check the TV before it leaves the shop. smile.gif

Maybe someone familar with the service menus will chime in to help you out.
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thanks for the reply ..hopefully someone who has worked on this type of sony will indeed chime in ,,i would greatly appreciate it! last night i went into the service menĂº to see if i could address the problema. first the self diagnostics showed all Green zeroes meaning no problems reported. when the service menĂº comes up on top of the screen it says in Green script FULL bElow that it says WSL 255 AT THE BOTTOM OF THE SCREEN A SERIES OF O AND 1. it doesnt show the columns on the left to see WHAT TO ADJUST! if someone could please help me find a way to reset the size so i can see what to do!! thank you very much for any help anyone can give!
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hindsight is better tan ZOOMED sight
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If it were me I'd search through this CRT forum and find some service menu screen-shots and/or lists and use that as a guide to get to where I need to be in the menu. May have to change your search parameters to the closest Sony to your model though as a DRC is pretty rare in these parts (I suspect a KV-34HS510).

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If I recall, each item in the menu has a location and a # that is in the same order as what is listed in the service manual. Go back to the shop and ask them for a copy of the service manual so you can have an accurate listing.. The item number is close to the center of the screen and should be visible.
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actually i have a copy in pdf here on my computer! the section i think i need is VSCOR vertical size correction but i cant see these values. i would think i just have to count how many times to press 3 to move down the menu!. i guess im looking for someone here so familiar with this situation. they can tell me ...hey Brian open the service menu press 3 46 times and then you can adjust the size with the 4 and 6 .or something like that.. also what do you think about the sony techs statement that something must have been damaged internally while moving to my house...what damage could a bump cause that would give this ZOOM EFFECT_ thanks for all the help!p.s. watched jack the giant slayer last night !! wow THE GIANTS WERE HUGE!
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PS. what does the first screen mean_ it says FULL wsl255 .
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