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Outdoor Audio for Lake Cabin

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I'm piecing together a simple outdoor audio solution for a small piece of lakefront property.

a pair of Monoprice 40w rock speakers

One or two pairs of monoprice outdoor Waterproof 40w speakers

I would like to be able to control volume of these two or three pairs individually.

My budget is "as cheaply as possible".

Was hoping I could find a simple speaker selector unit that has an internal power amplifier sufficient enough to power all speakers as once.

As a temporary solution, I'll power four speakers (two pair) using a denon stereo (A+B) reciever which won't allow me to control the volume between the speakers.

Also, I will only be using a single RCA input source.

Suggestions welcome!

View from the cabin

View from the dock
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maybe a 4 channel receiver ?

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I researched the Sherwood RX5502 a bit today and at first found it to be quite ideal for what I'm looking for, but then in the owner's manual discovered that with both A and B speakers driven simultaneously, it requires 16ohm speakers.

So I decided to use a Denon 2 channel stereo receiver and employ a speaker selector that features ohm matching (which will also make it simple to control zone volumes).
4-Channel A/B Speaker Selector w/ Volume Control

with three pairs of these
5-1/4 Inches 2-Way Indoor/Outdoor Waterproof Speakers (Pair) - 40W Nominal, 80W Max

and 500ft of
500ft 14AWG CL2 Rated 2-Conductor Loud Speaker Cable
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Oop's, my bad.....I'm glad you checked the manual because I was working off old info from earlier models which had true multiple stereo output amplifiers, one for each channel. Obviously they have "cheapened" the product with this latest model. Oh well, scratch Sherwood from list. rolleyes.gif
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