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Will my riser be too high?

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Was told to also post this question on this sub forum as well and let you engineering minds have a go at it:)

I am trying to figure out if my riser will be too high for my projector to get a clear image on the screen without any heads in the way. I'm getting a Panny ae8000. Here are the dimensions:

Finished ceiling height is 78 inches( I know short).

The top of my head(i'm 6'4) while sitting on the riser will be roughly 66 inches.

The distance between the lens on the projector and the spot where the heads will be is roughly 20 inches.

The projector is 6 inches high.

Lens to Screen is 180"

Screen size is CIH 112" 2.35 scope screen with of a 16:9 screen size of 88" (Screen height is 43")

Distance from the back row head to screen is 158"/Front row is about 10'

I have about 4-5 inches of play to raise the screen if I have to as well.

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This is the tool most use:

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That's a good tool but it doesn't tell me about if heads in the rear row will be obstructing the view from the projector to the screen.
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As a back-of-the-napkin estimate....I think the beam propagation at 22" (distance between the front of the projector and the top of your sitting head on the riser) won't exceed the 12" in height with that screen size.

However....do you already have the projector in-hand? If so, you can just project against the wall from 22" away to see how big the beam propagation is at that distance. Plus, you might be 66" seated straight up, but chances are you will be slightly tilted back, slouching or generally not sitting at military attention in the seat so this buys you the extra clearance. Make sense?
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Best thing to do is draw it out to scale. Then you'll know.
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Double post. I've told him to draw it out already in the Home A/V Integration thread.
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If you have the projector in-hand, why not take the 5 minutes for a mock-up to measure the picture size at 22" throw distance versus drawing to scale?
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Just use a piece of string. Anchor it where the bottom of the screen will be and pull it back to the projector lens location. You should plan on using the Chief minimum clearance configuration and screw the RPA mount directly to the ceiling without a down pole. You need to check the recommend clearances for ventilation in your user manual.
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I do no have the PJ yet and been really busy with work lately to finish a drawing. I'll try the string idea, didn't think of that thanks.
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Too busy for 10 min to draw it.

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So I gathered all my measurements and went down to the basement with my wife and brother in law and did the string test and the riser passes with about 5 inches to spare so i'm very happy. I actually double checked every single measurement because the way things have been going lately I was expecting it NOT to pass so I was confused lol.

ifor I can make a drawing for you and send it to your PM, but when you color it in make sure you stay inside the lines, then I can post it on my fridge ;-P
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Well, I guess that's a burn on me.

But I guess planning before construction is my bad way of doing things.
You should make sure that Dennis Erskine or other professional theater designers do it the way you do, then you can make fun of me. Until then, pfffffftt.
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Redundant, it's done and everything worked out:) Was just a joke:)
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