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Complete 5.1 System - Need help building from scratch.

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I have a brand new house and need to outfit the media room. I currently have nothing so give me all of the opinions you can.

I have done tons of research but it all has me confused. The media room is 14.5 ft long by 17.5 ft wide. It has been pre-wired for 5.1 surround sound. The current cable runs are located near the ceiling at both front and rear corners. The room will mostly be used for movies and sports. Lots of football and action movies (hopefully).

I need receiver:
Researched all Denon, Maranatz, Onkyo and Yamaha receivers. I would prefer one with 4K pass through. What are the pros and cons of each type.

I need all speakers:
It looks like most people these days buy the components individually. I was hoping to get all of the audio for under $3K if possible.

I know there will be many opinions, but right now I am totally confused as to what to do. I am concerned that some of the speakers that I pick out will not work perfectly with receiver. I want to know about systems that you have heard yourself.

Thanks for your time.
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I hope you have done some research so this does sound french. The units you looked at are all good and many options and levels of output wattage drive the overall price. I recently made the jump from a full surround, analog system but needed decoding support from the new HDTV. The low end, under $200. around 100 watts per channel, 5.1 and it does have 3D, 4K and ARC support. The Yamaha RX-V373 is a super starter unit and has a couple dozen decoding schemes it supports. Sound bars can help to fill in areas where the environment can't be altered as the speakers are fixed. Most units offer a system environment monitor/control element that runs a test routine and makes needed adjustments for you.
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One comment? What receiver, bookshelf speakers, center speaker, surround speaker and sub would you tell me to buy?
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This is what I'm in the process of trying to put together (used though for budget).

Denon X2000 or 2113 (2113 is last years model but I believe they're very similar. Bestbuy had on clearance for about $200 less than X2000).

Klipsch RF-52 fronts, RC-52 center, RS-42 surrounds.

PowerSoundAudio XV-15 sub.

I believe that will put you right around 3k for a solid system.
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Check out the HSU Hybrid 15 5.1 package, great for movies and sports with a very good sub: http://www.hsuresearch.com/products/hybrid15pkg.html

Pair that with a Denon 3313 Receiver and you have a good system for around $2k. If you really want it to sound great for movies, you could grab a second VTF-15H from HSU, and run 5.2, this puts you at $3k and you will really enjoy those action movies cool.gif
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Any other recommendations?
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If you can, you should listen to the GoldenEar Aon 2 bookshelf speakers. You probably won't find them discounted, but they're only $400/each from GE dealers. I have the slightly more expensive Aon 3's, a Denon 2313 (4K pass through) and a ForceField 3 sub in my bedroom system. It kicks some serious butt. You could probably put together a system of Aon 2's, Denon 2313 (consider 'Accessories for Less' for refurbs), and a decent sub for right around $3,000. GoldeEar speakers have very refined sound, with silky highs and (in the Aon's) deep, articulate bass.

If you want to read more from the author of the article I linked to above, here's a quote from his recent Home Theater piece "In Defense of the AVR":

"I might easily advance different arguments for a music system based on the direct contemplation and perfection of music in two channels, and in a different lifetime, I probably would. But as great as that can be, it is not a home theater system. And let me be brutally frank when I say that 90-plus percent of the high-end two-channel exhibits I annually encounter at the Consumer Electronics Show don't sound as good as my 5.1-channel system at home, with an $1100 receiver and speakers costing $400/each." Although he doesn't specifically name the Aon's in this reference, I'm fairly certain they're the speakers he just reviewed for the magazine - the Aon 2's.

Aon's won't match the GE Triton Two towers I have in my main home theater for dynamics, but they're a fraction of the cost. They also sound shockingly good. As I said, try to find a dealer and listen. Everyone is different, but I love the GoldenEar sound.
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