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Whole Home Audio Suggestion

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Not sure if this is the right place to ask this question…. I am going to be building a new home and I would like to have a whole home audio system. I have been looking at HTD.com as an option. One issue I have is that I am using a production builder and they likely will not let me run my own speaker cables, etc… and I think having them prewire is going to be out of my budget. Let’s assume that is not the case and either I can do the prewire myself or can afford to have them do it for me.

I already have several Sonos components which I really like, so my other thought is to just expand on this system. I think from a cost perspective, in the end it would end up being a wash to install the HTD system vs. putting Sonos in the other rooms I want music in. If I were to do something like HTD, I would still have Sonos as one of the inputs and likely is what we would listen to 90% of the time. I can’t see really using any other input. Also If I use Sonos then it is pretty easy to have different things playing in different rooms. My only hesitation is that I feel like having two ceiling mounted speakers in a given room is going to provide much better sound than having say a Play5 in that room. But at the end of the day not sure how much of an issue that really is.

So this is kind of a rambling post- any general thoughts or opinions out there?


Carmel, In
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I moved into a house with a whole house wired system called Elan, which distributes a sound source to an amplifier and then on to rooms with ceiling speakers, each controlled with a wall mounted volume control. Not being familiar with HTD, I can only presume its system may be similar.

I also have incorporated Sonos into my system, both for programming source options and flexibility, and for rooms not prewired with my Elan. One cool thing is that by buying and using a Sonos Connect (zoneplayer 90), connecting its analog output to my living room's Home Theater AVR, then using the Elan's analog inputs to the AVR and selecting zone 2 (AVR setting on my machine), Sonos sound sources can be sent to the prewired ceiling speakers.

IMHO, the sound from ceiling speakers vs Sonos bookshelf speakers is a different audio experience. Ceiling speakers can be single (mono) or paired (stereo) in rooms and are great for background, ambient listening. Sonos speakers can be near ear levels, and in my case, are a more satisfying music audio quality experience, and can be paired within a single room for a traditional stereo output.

So, generally, perhaps you can decide between the two based on the type of audio listening experience you generally desire, ceiling vs bookshelf. Of course, ceiling speakers take up no space, countertops or tables. Hope this helps you somewhat.
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Thanks for the reply.
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