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wisdom please!

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patience is a virtue , but between being patient with sony service and eagerly awaiting concise accurate information here in this wonderful forum (see unanswered posts) my patience is being stretched almost as much as the image on my sony kv34drc510!. i will try to make my plead for answers short and sweet .if the display appears ZOOMED regardless of input size 480 up to 1080 normal cable feed cant read subtitles , heads cut off,green volume indicator only half visible! the sony guy said i must have damaged the tv in transit? i want to know if there is some way to REDUCE THE SIZE (which appears just like when you press zoom on the remote) when you access the service menu you cant read the columns on the left as they are ZOOMED OFF THE SCREEN!! does this sound like an internal problem caused in transit!!! what could have been affected in this way by some bump or something like that. thanks everyone for your kind help. here in cancun i have no other sony shop or authorized repair facility and im not getting much help! thanks for your attention
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here is my problem ...what could i have (bumped) to cause this?
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You or anyone else didn't "bump" the Tv to cause the issue. As suggested in one of your various threads on the same subject, you should have checked the TV before leaving the shop. Secondly, if they made a repair and it is not to your satisfaction, you have an option to use legal action.

No one seems to answering any of your posts so, your options seem to be very limited.
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Might want to start looking for another TV. CRT TVs are typically Free these days (watch Craigs list). No one wants them once they get a new TV that can be mounted on a wall and won't kill small children if it fall on them.. It's broke, you won't take it back to the people who fixed it and no one here has apparently ever seen this problem.

A quick search for TV in my local Craigs list free section.
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Unfortunately on both counts he's in Cancun, Mexico...
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thanks for the reply yes im in cancun . actually i can come across more crt s here but will have the same problem getting good technical help and or repairs .yes im somewhat distraught that no one seems interested in helping me with my ZIOOM problem .im a good ole north carolina boy and am not really used to the cold shoulder! heres another picture to help someone help me!
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If no one knows what is wrong, how do you figure that is the cold shoulder? There are very few people with CRTs here in the states that would be reading this forum. Demographic would Old people, poor people and those who bought the real high end gear and don't want to give it up for the new stuff. I wish I had some info for you but I don't and apparently there is no one else still reading this particular forum does have the repair knowledge.
Good luck
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I'd stick with what I suggested before, at least as a last resort:

"If it were me I'd search through this CRT forum and find some service menu screen-shots and/or lists and use that as a guide to get to where I need to be in the menu. May have to change your search parameters to the closest Sony to your model though as a DRC is pretty rare in these parts (I suspect a KV-34HS510).


If you can't tune it in the service menu then you probably can't fix it anyway. I was deceived into picking up a CL freebie once that the pic was all weirded out like that but its user menu wouldn't work either, I think its brain was fried (and it did have a corner where it looked like it had been dropped); I say "deceived" because I asked the lady if it worked 'well,' plus when I got there they had it on an apartment balcony and I asked to plug it in but they said the outlet didn't work, so I just took their word for it.

Hopefully since you say you can get CRTs there then they're as cheap as here. If that's the case they're not worth the money for repair, just change it out if you can't fix this one yourself and make sure the one you buy is in good condition. I hope Cancun has electronic recycling.
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thanks for the replies guys! actually the sony tech seemed to know what it was and says it is an easy fix .just getting to come to my house is the trick.i didnt pick this crt because of poverty or old age or anything like that .almost all tvs are made here in mexico now .and cheaper than in the states. i got this tv for bang for the buck! to my eyes these crt tvs look WAY better than any plasma or lcd or dlp projector! i am going again today to the sony shop to beg the guy to come out .i think this time i will use threats of reciprocal legal action...which is pretty much of a joke here in mexico! i hope he doesnt laugh and comes to my house.im sure there is some OLD tv tech in here who has seen a few sonys with this symptom! i will let you know how this ordeal turns out ,,,i will stick to my guns as i am sure this tv is very fixable! thanks again for everyones time.
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Hi, I used to have that exact tv model KV-34DRC510. It displays GameCube and PS2 480p and 1080i really well. I sold it because it was too big and I needed space. I think it's the Latin America/Mexico model, and the North America model is KV-34HS510. I used the service menu several times to fix geometry and I actually have the service manual. If you want I can send it to you (BTW I'm not a tech). Seems like there is an option in service menu that can adjust the size of the picture and that seems to be your problem (I'm not sure though). But the problem is that the service menu itself its not visible in your screen so you'll have to try blind. I don't remember if the items in service menu are sorted equally as in the service manual. If you're up to the risk I can help you, but remember, you can leave your tv unusable if you change incorrect values in service menu. Good luck!
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thanks man i really appreciate youre reply do you think this looks like a broken tv or a miscalibrated tv? the sony tech said the tv was fine when it left his shop? youre right its a made in mex drc 510 and if you had one, you probably know why im not so quick to throw it away.. heres a picture of the service menu .....its gonna be an adventure but its worth it i think!
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Have you tired unplugging it while it is on and leaving it sit over night before plugging it back in? I really do not think changing the picture size in the service menu is going to help as it seems to large of a change.
What was done to the TV? Was a board or chip replaced? Maybe a missing initial settings for that board or chip if it was a part replacement? You have access to the service manual now, look up the procedure for what was done at the shop and see if there is anything that could have been missed.
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it would be nice to say with absolute assurance what was done to my tv............but here in mexico there really is a lot of dishonesty in EVERYTHING ! i havent opened the set since i got it back...........supposedly he replaced the famous failing MCZ ics and also told me he replaced the flyback ...which wasnt on the repair order! i have no idea what he ACTUALLY replaced or repaired! he said laughingly when he saw the tv at my house(wow it wasnt like this at the shop you must have banged it pretty hard in transport to youre house! if that is the case then what could it be ? parts touching each other , something broken or moved! its just i dont think there is anything really bad wrong with the tv.when it is fed a 1080 blu-ray signal ...the image is stunning!....really big, but stunning nevertheless! my local tv buddy said to open it up and check for something loose or touching ,,and also gave me two boards where he said if it was a component problem it would be on one of those boards!he said he wouldnt touch it because then i wouldnt have any recourse with sony!
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I'm wondering if this is a matter of simple focus. When you attempt to zoom the image, or to change the aspect ratio(button on the remote I presume), what happens? Does the image in fact change ratio at all? Or does it remain stuck in a single position and size?
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well it seems to me its like when youre watching normal 16.9 and hit the zoom on the remote it is like its STUCK in zoom i have tried various input modes from my avr 890 and also my blu-ray player has adjustable aspect ratio .with slight to no change in the image! when set at 720 its zoomed worse! the guy said he replaced the flyback isnt that where a manual focus adjustment is?
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Nothing on the flyback will cause this or fix it. flyback is focus not zoom and picture brightness. I have adjusted many flybacks and this is not something it does.. it is the high voltage transformer and that is it. Considering the dishonesty I would really spend a few hours reading the service manual even though you won't understand a lot of it... if it were to say something like place jumper between x and y then adjust zoom with ABC you may find he did something to get you to spend more money.. just a thought..
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Does this zoom happen with every input or just a certain one? Have you tried different inputs to see if they are all affected? The first image above appears to be justified somehow, the left and right sides are stretched while the centre is not. Look at the fonts in the image on the screen. They're visibly a different size, all based on where they happen to be located on the screen. The third pic is the same way, a little harder to notice but all of the 1's along the bottom of the screen are not a uniform size.
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Hmmm, almost like it's stuck in a JUST aspect mode (center normal but sides stretched). But the way the entire image is stretched multi-directionally like an inflated balloon reminds me of that broken TV I mentioned earlier; I also remember getting that affect when adjusting pots on an old analog TV, some sort of overdrive.
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yea its an interesting ittle roblem! i mean BIG problem my t buddy said it looks like a bad capacitor! of which theres abot a zillion inside this tv. wet to the sony shop and begged today the receptionist said she wasnt aware that i had a problem and would tald to her tech and convince him to come out to my house and fix my set! so i will wait ,she said it would more than likely be sunday!. i will let you know what i find out ,,,its an interesting problem! that has me scratching my head! thanks for youre response !
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Simple answer?
They never recalibrated your TV's geometry after the repair.
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thats what it looks like to you? well i hope youre right do you think if maybe somehow you access the service menu and restore to original specs ...maybe it will be better? any opinions and or help will be greatly appreciated!
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Continue pressing the issue with the "sony shop." It's really a Sony repair facility? I don't care if it is Mejico, if it's Sony they should be doing you a solid. If they don't my next step would be to contact Sony Corp as they won't put up with any BS no matter what country it's in. wink.gif
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Originally Posted by gringito View Post

thats what it looks like to you? well i hope youre right do you think if maybe somehow you access the service menu and restore to original specs ...maybe it will be better? any opinions and or help will be greatly appreciated!

Yes.... that's what it appears to be. You have two choices:
1) get the shop to fix the problem(s).
2) yes, you (or someone) can resolve the issue(s) via the service menu. But... you can't "see" the menus in order to resolve the "problem". That's a conundrum.

Other than that, there's not much else to offer.
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thanks to everyone ! i went to the shop saturday and raised a little more cain, and now have an appointment with the tech for next sunday! im hoping for some real results! the service advisor said i was lucky that they would work on it at all, they said my set was (out of service) meaning they couldnt officialy repair it any more .....is this true? any way i will cross my fingers and my toes that the tech suprises me with his ingenuity! i will keep you guys posted! thanks again for all the help!
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[quote name="gringito" url="/t/1477803/wisdom-please#post_23504881"the service advisor said i was lucky that they would work on it at all, they said my set was (out of service) meaning they couldnt officialy repair it any more .....is this true?[/quote]

But they could repair before (I take it it wasn't that long ago) when your $ was involved! Don't forget to tell them you'll 'officially' contact Sony Corp. if they don't come through for you. tongue.gifwink.gif
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yea i will tell them but im trying to be diplomatic.so they fix my tv .here in mexico stuff works a little differently.. there are laws............but no enforcement. ive never heard of ANYONE who succesfully sued any company ..or individual! i will hope for results sunday! and actually i had to really beg and charm the lady service writer to accept my tv for repair in the first place! thanks for youre help heres a better image of my problem ...........still looks like calibration to you?
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Indeed, that's why I said to contact Sony IF they don't take care of it for you. Until then it's be Mr. Nice Guy. smile.gif

Maybe it's the photo but is it not bowing at the bottom like it is in the rest of the screen? I wouldn't think size adjustment would make it bow like that but I'm no expert, maybe they do when size over-driven. And of course other adjustments could have gotten knocked out of whack too.
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Yes, it does appear the geometry is all kinds of wrong there. I do hope they come through for you, but if they look at it and say "we can't fix this," I think you should count your lucky stars if they just give a refund. If I were in your shoes I would already be looking for another CRT.
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Hey gringito, bump this thread and update us on your drama. It's Sunday, did the tech come out for you? Did he fix his own screw up?
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hey guys 1s monday and the tech never showed or called................how sad! i guess my other recourse is to let my local t.v. repair guy open it up and see it there is any obvious problems .like something knocked loose or moved or ANYTHING ,when i get the chance i will go downtown and bitch at those sony people .i feel regardless of the age of my fine t.v. they should do what they can to fix it ..and if it is as they say, (it wasnt like that when it left the shop) that gives me more reason to think that it is definately something repairable! i will keep you posted on my saga!
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