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I am new to this area, and i can't find a place to side by side compare these 2 main speakers in Toronto Ontario area.

As i ordered my rw-12d and yamaha a820 already, looking for suggestions for main speakers.
I will use the system 50% movie 50% music.
room size is about 12ft wide and 20ft in depth, 9ft ceiling with hardwood floor. on one side it's totally open to another area. I know it's not the best layout for HT but that's the current place i live.

another question will be, is there any low cost surround speakers i can pair with klipsch RFs? Can I buy a pair of B10 or B20s to complete a 4.1 system? I will not have a real center channel for now because i am running out of space on tv bench.

thanks a lot.