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Help with theater seating $475- $500/ seat

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Not to beat a dead horse- as I know it's been discussed on this forum in other threads, but I'm looking for any input on theater seating. Here's what I'm looking for: 7 seats ( straight rows - one 3 seat row and one 4 seat) I'm sold on power recline and like the led cup holders, but they're not a deal breaker. Do not want underchair lighting but realize that some with light-up cup holders automatically include this. Don't care about tray tables or arm storage. Looking to spend $475- $500 / seat and want dark brown. Would like matched leather but know I will probaly have to settle for bonded leather (and realize they may not wear as well as "real leather" ) Would like something fairly firm but not rock hard and preferably thicker than average headrest area. Here's what I've looked at so far online at 4seating.com
Lane 125 MVP $499/ seat
Lane Malibu 107 $479/ seat
Lane Hat trick $499/ seat
BERKLINE 12003 Reno $499/ seat

These are just what I've looked at but open to all options.
Would also like any input on anyone's experieince with 4seating.com - or other online retailers or local retailers in the Baltimore area.
Any input would be greatly appreciated as I can't find any retailers in Baltimore to sit in / try any out before I make this major purchase.
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Hi. Just took delivery of 5 curved from Theater Seat Store last night. Pacifico II. Has LED cupholder and underchair lights, but has separate on/off button for underchair. For powered recline, budget might have to stretch a little. These are nice chairs. Regards.
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I have been looking for seats also. My preferences are different than yours, so I'm going for the Lane 222 Endzone or RowOne Plaza. Anyway, I have been talking with stargatecinema.com They seem to have fair prices and the rep I've been speaking to is extremely knowledgeable about the seats, and if he's not sure of a question he gets the answer for you. The # is 866-849-1340 go to extension 231 and speak to Dave.
Also they have a special going on until today, 10% off theater seats.
Good luck,
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Just bought 7 of the RowOne Plaza's from Stargatecinema today and will take delivery in 2 weeks. I went to the showroom and dealt with Mary and she couldn,t have been nicer and more accommodating. She was etremely patient and answered all my questions- highly recommended. Thanks for the input.
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I recently purchased 7 HT seats from Stargatecinema as well, actually went with Lane Endzone's 222 model and have had a very good experience thus far. I got a row of 5 and a row of 2 powered/lcd/etc. Very pleased with the color (blue), quality (great for the price point) and performance (solid) for about 5-6 weeks now. Stargatecinema was extremely knowledgable and helpful from start to finish - highly recommended. The speed at which I got my custom order shipped to Ohio was truly impressive - I will purchase from them again, no hesitation! I also purchased some blankets and decor pillows that I am pleased with. FYI furniture was about 15% of my dedicated HT room/equipt cost. Just my 2 cents.
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