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Hello all!

I often lurk around here for useful info and quite often I got the information I needed. This time however, I couldn't find it. I found parts of it, but none of it helped in my situation. And since I don't want to let 2 speakers collect dust, I figured I might as well ask!

The problem is as follows:

I'm trying to get 1 source (mediaPC) to play the same content over both normal and in zone 2.

Things I've done so far;
-> In options: 'FH / Z2' on Z2, 'FH / SB' on SB
-> Physically: 1 media PC with an optical out and an analog out.
-> Optic out to optic in on the receiver.
-> Analog out to RCA Game in (also tried on different input)

When I switch to Z2, nothing changes. It keeps playing over the 5.1 speakers, and the 2 additional Z2 speakers make static noise.

I understood that, in order to use Z2, you can't use anything but analog. But it's still not working. Or am I trying to do something impossible here? I've tried it with an MP3 player and that works fine. Z1 -> 5.1 sound, Z2 -> 2.0 sound (or 2.1, whatever, I haven't bothered checken the subwoofer smile.gif )

I want to put 2 speakers above my bed, so when I go to bed I can disable/turn down the 5.1 blaring from the television and move to a more mellow 2.0. smile.gif

With kind regards,