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Mac Mini HDHomeRun Prime

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So I have had a Mac Mini media center for a while, but I just recently got a TV tuner. I had gotten sick of having to download TV shows from illegitimate sources. I've been loving the Elgato EyeTV Hybrid, but I would really like to record shows that are on channels like USA, MTV, etc. I have looked around, and I have set my eye out on the HDHomeRun Prime. Sadly, it only works for windows. I have read some means of getting it on the Mac, but I have a few questions. I would like a way that would let me record basic extended channels, (Animal Planet, MTV, CNBC) and also edit out the commercials. I cannot get a new computer, but I can use parallels. I also need to be able to export it to MP4.

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The HDHomeRun Prime is not supported by the primary osx tv app - eyetv as they are too lazy to update their code to the new virtual channel tuning mechanism required by cablecard devices. There are likely ways to get it working (partially at least), but the forums here dont have much to do with osx. Best to look over in the home theater pc section, in the apple sub forum to get the answers you are looking for.

Unfortunately it is not trivial to get the prime working even on xbmc at this point.
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