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[noob] 5.1 on PC, was I given right info? /help

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I posted on another forum originally. I never had more than a 2.1 system before, and was surprised to discover the 5.1 system came with no cables to simply hook into my PC's audio ports, and furthermore needed a "receiver" to function.

I bought the 5.1 system I have because it was only ~$50 more expensive than the 2.1 system I was eyeing. The need for a receiver doubles my original budget so i chose a simple entry-level receiver, and since this was 95% for music purposes and my screen is a measly 23" thing I'm not looking for a "home theater" experience - I just want these speakers to work with a mix between the best/cheapest they can! 5.1 system: Polk RM10 / Receiver: Yamaha RX-V375

I was instructed to hook this up by: Video Card HDMI->Receiver HDMI Out->Monitor (this does not include the speaker wire for the system, which 'm not asking about).
My questions:
  1. Is this the best way to connect for sound quality for music?
  2. Where does my computer's soundcard come into play (I don't have a dedicated soundcard but was planning to buy one ASUS Xonar DX... but this hookup doesn't even touch the soundcard, so do I even need one?)?!

I am sorry if this is in the wrong forum, this is posted in haste. I have a coupon code expiring in a day or so on the site I was planning to purchase the soundcard, but if I don't need it then there's other stuff I am in need of buying from there - so I figure the quicker this gets posted, the more likely I'll receive help in time.
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If the sound card has an HDMI OUTPUT you run it to one of the receiver's HDMI INPUTS!

Then the receiver's HDMI OUTPUT goes to the TV/display unit.

The front L/R speakers are very small for front speakers. Your system will give pretty limited performance with those.

You may want to eventually replace those two speakers with some that have 5-inch or larger drivers (for example, the POLK TSi 100 speakers).
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