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Soundbar installation trobles

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I am trying to setup my Samsung HDTV (UN55ES6100F) to work with a new Samsung HW-E450 sound bar. The directions make it seem so simple but the most I ever got out of the speakers was a low buzz.

I have tried both the HDMI and RCA audio cables to connect the 2 devices.

Has anyone else had trouble with this combination?

I am guessing there is something in the setup menus for one or both that I have missed.

I laughed in dispair when the instruction manual said to press the "appropriate" button on the sound bar's remote without say what that button might be.

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Possible bad soundbar. Take it back where you got it, and have them replace it. Also make sure that if you are connecting to the tv, that it is Audio out, and that the speakers are turned off in the menu setting on the TV, so that sound will output on the Audio out. You can also try on the back of a dvd player or cd player on the audio out, to see if the unit will play audio out of that device.
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Could be a bad soundbar but, much like the manual, you are omitting valuable information. Do you only have the TV and soundbar with no other sources? If not, please tell what sources you have and how they're connected. To toggle between sources on the soundbar, hit the SAT SOURCE button. I took a quick look at your TV's specs and couldn't see whether it utilizes ARC. Please verify this. I also don't think that you have RCA audio out on your TV.
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Thanks for your responses. I did not include all of the information I should have.

At the time I posted my question I had unplugged all of the devices from the TV to simplify things. It finally occured to me to try a USB stick with a sound file. The sound bar played it! I also tried the Bluetooth connect to stream audio. So I knew the sound bar was not broken.

After that, I tried once more to plug the sound bar into the ARC HDMI connection. This time after setting the SAT source, the TV's audio was coming through. Yeah!

I believe I had tried this before but with all of the different combinations I tried I cannot be sure any more.

Is there any chance that using a different HDMI cable could make a difference? The one I used when it started working has the ferrite rings around the cable. The one I was using previously does not. That does not seem like it should make that much of a difference.

So the RCA audio is only in and not out like I was trying to use it. That didn't clicked before. Thanks for pointing that out. I should have figured that out from the TV's manual.
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I have never used an HDMI cable with ferrite cores. To me, the most important thing is using high-speed HDMI cables. If your runs are relatively short, it probably won't matter much but using decent high-speed cables should eliminate any potential issues.
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