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i seek an advice

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hello, my name is corrado.
i'm about to update my sound system, and if possible i would like to hear some opinion about my possibilities: i'll explain.
i have two goals, one is to listen to classical music with 150-200 € headphones, being able to fully use their finesse and quality;
the other goal is to play a mute keyboard with a 30gb piano library without feeling any latency and with perfect sound.
my actual setup consist in a laptop with 2,1ghz and 2gb ram with windows xp, and a m-audio audiophile usb, very old model. the integrated audio of my 250€, bought on 2007 laptop is not bad, at least not for me that i' m used to it, and at least i won' t hear any popping noise as when using the audiophile usb both for listening and for playing.
i've been reading more and more (because i search more) about DACs, and their quality improvements, so the questions are these, do you think is possible to find an external audio card that will be good enough to exploit the full potential of my new headphones and allow me to play flawlessly heavy vst instrument on the keyboard? will i need both a DAC and an external audio card? and wich price range would be an external audio card that will allow me to fulfill both my requirements?
thanks a lot in advance, hope the question makes sense and is pertinent to this forum because i' m a real newbie.
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The standard audio in almost all PCs of that vintage is 16-bit audio, and an external sound card is no advantage at all unless you want more than 2 channels.

I just run the audio output of the PC to a pair of Audioengine 2 powered speakers, and the sound quality is quite good.

You may want to get a dedicated headphone amplifier, however, to help with the sound quality.

I would recommend the Arcam Solo headphone amplifier.
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name : hp sb600 high definition audio controller

Versione : 1.0

Output Stream : 4

Input Stream : 4

Bidirectionnal Stream : No
64-bit support : yes

Mode : AC'97

i don 't plan to use this integrated card anyway, as far as i know i would be able to use the new sound card for all operations
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