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A early introduction to the PS world

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Hey all,

So ... my 360 slim took a dump yesterday. This was meant with equal parts rage and joy. Rage as I now have to cough up more money for a console that is on its way out, joy as I now had a perfect excuse to pick up a PS3.

I was able to snag one of the older Uncharted 3/320GB models off of Amazon. I wanted this version as I think the newest slims are not made nearly as well as the prior gen slims. Should be here tomorrow. I'm psyched to get into The Last of Us as well.

Aside from those two titles, I'm considering LBP2 (figured it has to be better than 1 right?), Demons Souls (or would I be better off w/ the sequel (can't recall the name), Far Cry 3, and I see there is a Resistance combo pack you can buy that gives you all 3.

Anything else I'm missing?

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Uncharted 2
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If you're going to recommend Uncharted 2 you might as well recommend all of them. Start from the beginning. I'd recommend the Infamous series. You can get all three games in one package now (1,2, Festival of Blood) which is a great deal. If you do I'd play 1, Festival of Blood, then 2 as it will make more sense (in some ways, otherwise it sorta doesn't make sense lol).
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Yes, definitely get the Uncharted 1/2 pack, and start there.
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God of War collection
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I played Uncharted 1 and 2 on a friend's PS3 (he took a 2 week vacation so I cajoled his system away for that time). Phenomenal games for sure !!!
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Great choices so far. The last two Motorstorm games (MS:PR and MS:A) are excellent .

Also, if you can get a good deal on a Move and PSEye I highly recommend using it to play Resistance 3 and inFamous 2. The point and shoot controls are top notch with them, Speaking of Move, Sports Champion is still one of the best PS3-only titles, especially Table Tennis.

Finally, really good new releases are still on the horizon before the PS4 touches down. Take a look at Dragon's Crown in this thread to see if it scratches that old-school beat'em up itch for you like it will for some of us.
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I will have to take a look at this Dragon's Crown !!! I like a good beat em up dungeon crawl.
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Another big thumbs up for the inFamous games, love those.
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Castlevania Lords of Shadow.
Pixeljunk games.
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Oops, I almost forgot to mention a couple more:

Valkyria Chronicles. It's a fast paced, single player, turn based strategy combat game with delightful, watercolor visuals and a strong niche of fans who really love it. It's an oldie, but because there is still nothing quite like it, it's a goodie.

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch. If you have even the smallest interest in a good Japanese RPG, you will likely enjoy the beautiful, Studio Ghibli designed world of this game. Check out the previews to see what you think.
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Any opinion; Demon's Souls vs. Dark Souls?
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Originally Posted by s1njin View Post

Any opinion; Demon's Souls vs. Dark Souls?

Both great games you can't go wrong with either one. I enjoyed Dark Souls a little more.
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I really love Amazon. The code for my free month of PS+ was out-dated; so Amazon credited me 18 bucks b/c the only thing they sold that was PS+ was 3 or 12 month cards. So I scored 3 months of PS+. smile.gif I haven't associated my account to PS+ yet as I have so many backlogged games to get through; but the whole situation was resolved wonderfully by them.
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PS+ has Uncharted 3, try that and if you like it you can get the 1+2 bundle. That's what I plan on doing since I haven't played any of them.

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