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Projector Lamps

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I read all the negative commentary on the PureGlare Projector lamps and had similar experiences to those of the other contributors. I also had similar bad luck with DiscountTV Lamps. Can anyone give me the names of good trustworthy vendors for projector lamps? I have had luck with a place called Superwarehouse, but they don't carry all the ones we need in our Museum. I'm a purchasing agent for a museum, and I spend WAY too much time searching for, and RETURNING, projector lamps. Thanks.
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You can look into the top 2-3 stores listed here. http://www.projectorcentral.com/lamp-suppliers.htm I've also had good experiences from b+h photo. I think AVS here also sells some lamps. Just try to make sure the bulb is made by Osram/Sylvania, or Phillips. If the website doesn't specifically say so, you can call and ask, then verify when it arrives.
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NP, and if your trying to save the museum a buck or two, you might check for a store that sells the lamps separate, w/o the cage housing. It will take a bit more time to replace the lamp inside the old housing, but save a little cash. You just have to be careful to not touch the lamp face with oily fingers, as it can cause a problem.
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