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Epson projector: out of warranty service

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My 3 year old 8500UB has developed a dark band across the extreme top of the green panel. The band started in the upper left corner and has gradually grown down and to the right, and gotten darker. Now there's a pretty solid magenta band across the top 2" of the screen (110"). I would like to get it repaired, but I'm not sure what the best way to do this is.

Epson's web site told me there were no service centers within 100 miles of me. I contacted them via email, but they just gave me the usual form response and implied that they won't touch it if its out of warranty.

Obviously I need to call Epson, but before I do, I would appreciate hearing about other people's experience in dealing with them. Do they repair out of warranty projectors, and how much should it cost? It's 15 months out of warranty, but is there any chance of convincing them to help me considering that it only has 2500 hours on it, and that the problem started to appear at least 6 months ago. Are there any known manufacturing issues with this model that might get a warranty extension?

Assuming Epson can't help me, can anyone recommend a service center?


It looks like I'm not the only one with this problem. The used projector in this old ebay listing has exactly the same problem.

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Most likely the repair is going to be almost as much as the pj is worth? I doubt you'll be able to get them to replace it, or repair it for free, but no harm in asking. It might be a better option to take the money your going to spend on a repair, and upgrade to a new pj? The Benq 1070 is only around $950 atm and pretty good in that price range. GL with your call to Epson.

A couple service centers listed here with some reviews. http://www.projectorcentral.com/Epson-repair-suppliers.htm
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As I suspected, no luck talking to Epson. While I can't blame them for not helping with an out of warranty projector, I can blame them for making a projector that didn't even out last its first bulb, and not having a single service center in a city the size of Austin. To add insult to injury, he offered to enroll me in an Epson loyalty program. I can't see myself ever buying another Epson product after this experience. I expected to get at least 5 years out of it considering that it only gets about 2-3 hours of use a day.

My only options are to either send it to Dallas, or sell it as-is and buy another brand. I doubt it's worth getting it looked at because either the green panel, or one of the polarizers is going bad. I'm either looking at a whole new light engine ($$$$), or a lot of labor and questionable quality if someone tries to fix the original light engine. It's probably not worth it since I have to assume it will only last another 2500 hours.

The Benq 1070 won't cut it with only a 10,000:1 contrast ratio. I don't want to take a large step down from the 200,000:1 of the Epson. I'm also not a fan of the DLP color wheel rainbows.

Does Sharp make anything good these days?
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Looks like I'm not alone:


I may have to open it to see if there's an obvious problem in the light path before I get rid of it. I got as far as removing the circuit boards the other night, but I didn't want to open the optics because there would be no way for me to realign it myself without special tools. Unlike most older projectors, there's no way to access the panels when it's assembled enough to run it.
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I only suggested the Benq to show you the price to repair most likely wasn't worth it. As to the Sharp, Sharp XV-Z30000. http://www.projectorreviews.com/sharp/xv-z30000/summary.php
A pretty good price/strengths breakdown for some recent pj's. http://www.avsforum.com/t/1391476/coderguys-top-projector-picks
and a summary here, http://www.projectorreviews.com/1080p-projector/summary.php
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