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Wall mounts: single versus dual arm articulating mounts and other questions, including...

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I am going to be mounting a Samsung 46" TV and would like a mount that will allow close to 90 swivel to please my wife so that she can watch TV while she works in the kitchen. I am trying to find my way through the maze of the various mounts/companies.

First, I have found that there are single arm and dual arm mounts which apparently will do what I wish. What are the pros/cons of each?

Second, I have found that different manufacturers may have gazillions of different mounts which look alike, such as Sanus, so what factors should I be considering when I purchase a mount that will help me determine when enough is enough? (price is not a major issue, but paying for something I will not need is). I do plan on purchasing a mount that will hold at least double or triple the weight of the TV (which is 45 lbs).

Third, I am almost overwhelmed with the number of manufacturers. I have been looking at Peerless, Cheetah, Chief, and Sanus. I have also seen some monoprice models. I would appreciate purchasing tips.

Fourth, what else should I be considering in my purchase of a swivel wall mount?

Ken K

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In order to ensure a full 90 degree swing, you will need to be certain that the extended arm length (not just total depth) is longer than half the width of your TV.
Other than that I think you will find the biggest difference between a lot of these mounts is fit and finish. Some are base square stock steel or aluminum with a sprayed on pebble finish or fairly decent powder coat, others are more smoothly contoured, cast pieces, with nylon bushings between joints, and more predictable position retention. You get what you pay for, mostly, kind of depends how important aesthetics of your install will be. The mounting arm will be visible when you have the TV swung around, no arguing that.
As far as single arm VS double arm, kind of depends on the design. A single arm is easier to position, a double arm will take more finagling to fold flat again. I would strongly recommend looking at mounts that have a 46" display at the smaller end of the range of fit, instead of the max. Plus find out your VESA mounting hole pattern if you can. Much more reliable than screen size for mount selection.
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Thanks for your helpful reply, weaselfest.

I had not realized that the single arm is easier to position, and, yes, it is important that the mount be smooth and easily positioned, as it is likely to be my wife who will be positioning it not infrequently. (a full 90 degrees is not essential, but close would work...) To reinforce your suggestion, I will only be looking at mounts that would take up to a 65" or so TV, which is about as large as the space would comfortably take.

Thanks again,
Ken K

P.S. If you have any thoughts on the better/best fit and finish of various manufacturers, I am all ears (eyes...)
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I've used this Peerless for a 46", and very pleased with it.

Peerless SA752PUB Wall Mount 32 In.- 52 In. Cantilever Black

I don't know if it is offered for larger TVs. Finish and quality are excellent.

I chose the single arm because of stud spacing at the TV location. It has lots of adjustments for stiffness and ease of movement, but I haven't used them; I rarely move it.
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not trying to start a mount war, but from my own experience, I have found the Chief (Sanus is a division of Chief (Milestone), shares some design traits, but doesn't offer the really nice stuff), Peerless, Omnimount & Premeir offerings very nicely finished, include an almost wasteful amount of hardware to accommodate a wide variety of TV mounting point thread sizes and spacers for oddly contoured back panels and sport designs that make fine tuning the install (leveling) a simpler procedure than enlarging the mounting holes to allow more wiggle with your drilling or unpredicted sag.
Not saying your monoprice, cheetah, videosecu, or others don't offer tremendous values or are unsafe, but it is somewhat telling which brands bother to submit their products to Underwriters Laboratory (UL) for testing.
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I have a two armed Monoprice mount on my bedroom TV for 2.5 years now. It is great and I have been nothing but pleased with it.

Though, with the two armed design, I think if you were moving it a lot, you'd get tired of it. I'm a little OCD about things, but with there being two arms, if I'm moving the mount, I have to be careful with how the elbows fold up. It's hard to explain, but if I'm moving the TV, the left elbow may want to fold in and the right one may want to fold out. Or they both fold in, and want to interfere. Or the right one folds in, and the left one folds out.

If I were doing this daily, I think the single arm would be simpler. smile.gif
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that would be what I was referring to as "finagling"
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Originally Posted by weaselfest View Post

that would be what I was referring to as "finagling"

Perfect term for that! smile.gif
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