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Calman & bt.1886 gamma

Poll Results: Plasma Window size

  • 8% (1)
  • 16% (2)
    4-5% APL
  • 33% (4)
  • 0% (0)
    6.5% APL
  • 25% (3)
  • 8% (1)
    10% APL
  • 8% (1)
  • 0% (0)
    12-15% APL
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So, after calibrating my ST60 a few times now, I'm trying to come to a conclusion on a final run.
I've tried 4/5/6.5/10 percent windows & the apl options of those windows.
I settled on a gamma of 2.3, but now want to experiment using bt.1886 gamma formula.
I'm running Calman 5 Ent. As I understand it, it uses your mll & measured luminance to calculate the "curve".
From what i've read if your set measures .01 cd/m2(.003fl) you should use 0.0 for your target.
Then there is also the option for white level target in Calman also.
Should I just leave this at the measured white level or should I set it to my target 35fl.
The reason I ask is because I use a custom workflow(very similar to the HT Advanced, with tweaked deltaE targets)
Does Calman use my measurement at the 100 ire pattern to set my target white? Because I set my luminance with a 2% pattern, but I set my gamma/grayscale with a 5% ire pattern, so the luminance will differ.
Am I headed in the right direction?
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From the research I've seen the APL of your average movie is in the 17-23% range, so I would go with an APL pattern set somewhere in that range. I would imagine the difference between a 17% APL and a 23% APL would be very small.

Leave your setting for white on use measured white. There seems to be a rash of people wanting to change this, but it's a bad idea. The option is there only for very specific scenarios (monitor matching).
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Originally Posted by sotti View Post

I would go with an APL pattern ...snip...17% APL and a 23% APL

And which disc (of the half dozen that are circulating) have patterns in this range?

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So after some reading & tinkering, setting Calam to hit the bt.1886 gamma target on my set, will be equivalent of setting it to hit a target of 2.4 using the power formula. I think I'm going to just use the power formula & use a target of 2.75.
Now the jury is still out on what patterns to use for the ST60. 5% or 5% APL. I understand the argument, just not sure if I'm board with it.
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