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So I was able to make forced refresh rates of (70hz - 120hz) on my Panasonic Plasma with Custom EDID timings... Anything higher than (70-85hz) on Progressive formats caused screen waves and frequency shaking "distortion".

1920x1080i (Interlaced) @ 120hz
1280x720i (Interlaced) @ 120hz
1920x1080p (Progressive) @ 70-85Hz
1280x720p (Progressive) @ 70-85Hz

So now I wonder to myself something...

I wonder if the nVidia 3D vision Kit I am getting soon would work on this Plasma! smile.gif

All nVidia says you need is a 120hz capable display + 3D Vision kit and glasses + nvidia GPU + PC

MAYBE! I just wonder If I could get Nvidia 3D vision to accept the 1080i,720i 120hz signal?
MAYBE! if it could just accept the beefier 70-85hz modes for 1080p,720p?! biggrin.gif

Honestly my Panasonic has great interlacing/interlacing tech performance... I couldn't really tell the difference between the 1080i 120hz and 1080p 85hz as far as picture quality goes.

Check this site out. LOTS of people are testing their TV capabilities with EDID edits and custom timings only to find hidden supported refresh rates! biggrin.gif

Any thoughts on this and if there is a way to make custom resolutions and timings for Nvidia 3D Vision?