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Energy Set Up

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Hi, I'm very new at Home theater audio. I started with an H/K 135 AVR with a Yamaha NX 220 set, I know now that this set up was not awesome but it worked for me for a year. Four months ago I upgraded to a Denon 2112 and a set of Definitive Tech Pro Cinema 60 plus added a Pro Sub 600 to the set up, and I still know that this is not very good but at the moment I thought it was good. My living room is 12' x 12' and know I'm thinking of upgrading to another of speakers.

Choice 1-fronts energy cb 10, center energy cc10 and rears energy cb 5

Choice 2-fronts and rears energy cb 5 and energy cc 5 center

Choice 3- fronts and rears energy cb 10 and energy cc10

All the set ups with a Velodyne VX 10
I watch movies and also play music on my AVR and I use multi channel for music.

Can anybody help me out and suggest which of these set ups would be best?

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How bout Choice 4?

Energy CB-20 fronts, CC-10 center and CB-5 surrounds.

I think the CB-20 is substantially better than the CB-10 as a main speaker.
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My only concern on choice 4 would be if e cc10 is going to match or handle the cb20 when playing movies and are the cb 5 going to match them as we'll when playing music on all four channels?
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The CC-10 goes well with the CB-10, CB-20, CF-30, CF-50 and CF-70.

If you want larger surrounds then get CB-10s back there instead of CB-5.

If music is a priority then you definitely don't want choice 2.
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Thanks, it's getting clear now. I'm going to try cb 20 fronts, cb 10 rears and cc 10 center.
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