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PJ for legacy / archival / DVD quality content only (no HD/1080p/i)

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Yes, it's a strange request but, looking for a projector that excels at displaying legacy content. Nothing above DVD quality and largely most of it less than that. Ideally one that is suited for this content, though I'm not sure if one exists. Any product recommendation would be greatly appreciated. I'm not sure if I should purchase an older PJ that is made for this or a new one that performs superior upscaling.
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Old crt.

The old works best with the old.
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A newer good quality projector like a Panny 8000 should excel at displaying any type of content.
However, you can get a very good quality CRT for a lot less. Some of the better quality CRT projectors like the Sony G90 will also display +1080P with great color and black levels. More modest CRT's like maybe a Barco Cine7 are smaller, more affordable and will put out a very good quality image up to 720P. Take a look at Curt Palme's website for more information CRT projectors.
One of the things you do give up with a CRT is brightness. A digital projector will be much brighter than CRT.
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what media is this content on? DVD? If so, you want a high quality Blue Ray player that will upscale the DVD for the current technology. Old DVDs on a good BRP look stunning on an HD projector.
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Thanks for the tips. I will investigate further. The content can often be VHS transferred to DVD. So yes, I may be playing a DVD, the source material is grainy and deprecated quality-wise.

That said, any blu-ray player recommendations that offer a well-rated, established quality upscaling feature that has been tested and proven?

Thank you again!
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Check out the reviews here, this is an AVS member who does all the reviews.
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i'd agree with above. crt might give you the best picture for your old content, but I think anything getting upscaled well and displayed on a HD projector is a better way to go. we always change plans, and buying a BD player alos allows you to buy your new movies on a better format and enjoy them even more. you don't have to replace your old stuff, but you shouldn't limit your new content either.

that and once you go digital, you might as well go 1080p. you might not get 'higher resolution' technically, but you'll be less likely to see pixel structure. I've never heard of a SD signal looking better at 720p. it's either native, or upscaled. and once it's upscaled, might as well go all the way.
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There is no projector that is 'suited' for 480i content, it's as simple as that. Easily the biggest beneficiary of 1080p content has been the front projection world, and it is also the category that can and will benefit from UHD content as well.

The old 'garbage-in, garbage-out' scenario applies here, and at 100" diagonal, you just need to be aware of what you should expect.

That said, I would be looking at a BD player with excellent upconversion, or a projector which has great upconversion, or a product in between, like from DVDO, which is designed to take analog/composite video sources and make the most of them with a HDMI/1080p output connection.

The concept of the CRT projector is nice, and there are some great CRT projectors out there, but the time and effort necessary for CRT, along with all the other shortcomings of CRT projectors would not lead me to recommend that as a choice.

Instead, an entry level 1080p projector will serve you very well, and if you want a bump in quality from that, then a DVDO processor may be perfect to add on.

If I were just looking for that basic level pairing of a digital projector with 480i/p content, then I might consider something like the InFocus SP4805 which was regarded as one of the best models out there for that type of content.

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