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Small vertical picture bounce - need help

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Hi all,

I have a Samsung UN55ES6580 LCD TV. In general, I'm happy with the TV. However, I've noticed a small amount of vertical "bounce" in the picture. I notice it more when the picture is generally stationary...for example, I always notice it during the AT&T commercial "more is better than less" with the guy sitting around the table with the kids. But I basically never notice it when watching sports or anything with more constant motion, etc. I currently have Comcast cable running to their HD DVR box...and running HDMI from DVR box to TV (although switching to DirecTV this weekend).

What could be the issue? Is it a signal issue with the cable? Is there some setting/filter that I can adjust in the TV? Is a defect with the TV? Any suggestions?

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Since you only have a short time to troubleshoot the Comcast setup, here are some thoughts. Is it a continuous up and down movement during the commercial or stationary scene, or does it just happen once at the beginning?

Does it happen during regular (non-advertisement) scenes, like a CNN desk reporter talking?

I can't remember, is the ATT commercial with the guy and kids SD or HD?

When you switch channels, does it take awhile for the change to occur?

I'm thinking that, if the bounce just happens as it first switches to a commercial, possibly the TV is going from HD to SD. With a Comcast box, you can get into the box's menu and direct it to always output 1080i. Possibly your box is set to output "native" which will send out 480i, 720p, or 1080i depending on how the scene was recorded. Call Comcast and ask them to walk you through it. (Or, if I remember correctly, you turn on the TV only, then press Menu on the Comcast remote and a simple white screen will come up allowing you to make the change.)
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Thank you for your comments. I can't say it's continuous...but it happens several times throughout the commercial - not just when the commercial starts. I don't recall for sure...but I'm thinking it may not happen when watching something "live" like a CNN reporter, or SportsCenter, etc. Once in a while I will notice it when watching a sit-com sort of show....

Maybe that's the difference - "live" stuff (like sports and news broadcasts) vs. pre-recorded (like commercials and such).
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When you switch to DirecTV, your problem may go away. However, if you just love debugging computer problems, here are some ideas.

Most folks complain about "judder", which is a jerkiness (or bounce) during motion scenes.... not during static scenes. They compensate by setting AMP (AutoMotionPlus) to Clear, or Custom/Blur 10/Judder 0).

Another thing they try is to set Film Mode to ON or Auto, which helps tame video jumpiness in movie transmission, and has been reported to help the crawl at the bottom of sports or news channels. Try these one at a time, and, if they don't work, switch back before trying something else, and before you switch to DirecTV.

Your mention of sitcoms indicates you may be talking about older shows. Often, broadcasters cut out frames to get in more commercials and there is no way you can get rid of the jumpiness. Old Murder She Wrote shows on Hallmark, etc., are pretty bad on this.
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Update - I switched to DirecTV...problem has gone away. So, I don't know what was causing it...but now it's gone. For what it's worth, I love DirecTV much more than Comcast...the DVR features are way better...and the picture quality is better also!
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