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Window Plugs

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I have three exterior windows that I want to plug.  I want to cover them with the channel and OSB/DW so they wont be seen in the room.  I want to offer some protection if they get broken in a hurricane etc.




I have already painted them black.  I was thinking of using silicone to seal them and cutting 3/4" plywood to make a plug.  It would be held in place with 2 L bracket on each side and would be attached to the frame and the ply.  I was going to staple some r13 to the room side of the plywood and rock and roll with the clips and channels over this plug.


Any thoughts or better suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  I am clipped on three walls and will finish the clip and channels this weekend.

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It is really hard to tell from the pictures how much depth you have between the framing surface and the window glass, assuming you have room, if I was there I would put a layer or two of Linacoustic, black side against the glass, then screw an oversize piece of plywood directly to the faming. Use 5/8 or 3/4. The channel and clips will hold the drywall about 1 1/4 off the surface of the framing so it should clear the plywood.

However your plan is fine as well
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Here is a better shot of the windows.


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