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Media Server Build

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Hello all! I have some extremely rookie questions for you and I hope that there is someone on here patient enough to help me.

Ive taken an old computer and am attempting to turn it into a media server. Ive installed Ubuntu on it as it seems the most popular OS among people attempting similar projects. I know its a very vague question and there are a million other threads on this out there, but I cant find one that I feel is current enough that answers my question directly enough. Im not looking for anyone to write me a full guide but to be led in the right direction. For example what I should install and what it does.

Im looking to build a server that I can not only stream media to devices within my home but anywhere. Id like to be able to files from anywhere. I know its not possible to stream HD quality with average internet speeds outside of the network but I would like it to look as good as possible. If it is necessary for the quality to be better Id like to be able to download the file to whatever device.

I was looking at webmin and plex, but idk that this is the right solution. I was reading about SABnzbd last night but I do not really know what it is other than it can download tv shows automatically. Do all of these things run together? Is there not one program that will be a solution for everything? Again Im sorry for my extreme ignorance. Ive been looking into this for a couple weeks and am so overwhelmed I do not even know where to begin. A list of everything I should install and small explanation would be great. I can probably figure it out again. Thanks in advance for your patience with a rookie nerd.
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I personally love plex and its over-Internet-streaming works perfectly. If you want to automate your downloads, you could take a look at tvshows2 and couch potato together with hazel.
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You download all files to one folder which hazel takes care off and moves the tv shows to one folder and the movies to another (if programmed correctly) and then Plex finds all the new files automatically! Too easy.
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I built my own UnRaid server. If you go to the Lime-Tech forum, there are many who have built their own server, and they use SABnzbd, Couch Potatoe, in conjunction with other programs to do what you want to do. However, you will need some CPU power for transcoding. I would say dual core or higher.

Accessing your server outside the network gets more complicated. Again, there are many who have done this at the Lime-Tech forum. I would suggest getting better server mobo / cpu if you want to do everything you want.
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