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According to the cnet review of the F8000, the F8000 is the only 2013 Samsung set with *hardware* based local dimming. Katzmeier says that non-8000 sets all rely on varying levels of software based local dimming.

Question is whether the software algorithms of the 7500 exist within the models beneath it in hidden form, and if so whether they can be unlocked by an enterprising hacker, or someone willing to play around in the service menu at the risk of bricking their set smile.gif

Something pointing to these sets being very similar if not "the same" outright is that they all received f/w 1105 recently whereas apparently the 8000 did not. Not sure what the combined unit sales of non-8000 sets are but I think back to the original iPhone and how quickly it was jail broken.

Any competent hacker out there willing to see what they can do? smile.gif