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Panasonic 58 LED - Best Buy or CostCo?

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These two TV's appear to be the same - exactly



The second, the TC-58LE64 though, only appears to be sold at Costco. Same price $1199 as Best Buy.

I know it's common to make a specific model for a certain company like Costco but I also know they usually get a much better price than Best Buy, so since it's the same I would think maybe something is better about the Costco one but I can not figure it out for the life of me.

I am going to get it there, just wondered if anyone knew about that model or if this is common?
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Does anyone know whether these 2 TV's are the same?
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Original poster here

I can't say if they are the same - I think they are, or are very close, but I did get the Costco one and I love it. Had it a couple months now and it is just an amazing TV. Could not be happier with my purchase (coming from previous Samsung Plasma owner). And I have barely played with the calibration settings, just went with "Vivid" and little else and it looks great.

The best part is Costco by me is now selling it for the insane low price of $950 - a total steal.
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I spent some time trying to find any difference. I seem to remember that I thought (note self doubt here) that the 64 had wi fi and the 60 didn't.
Hard to be sure though. Perhaps someone can let us know.
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They both have wifi

If you are debating, the Costco one is the way to go - they give an extra year of coverage on top of Panasonic out of the box. Plus there's no way BB can beat that price ($950)

Plus Costco rules in general smile.gif
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ThadA, I think I'm going to buy this TV from Costco. The $950 is indeed a great deal. Thanks for the feedback.

Do you guys think paying $60 for an additional 3 years of warranty through SquareTrade would be worth it?
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I am warranty averse, but i am also thinkinking about buying the 58" panasonic at costco, and i think i would pony up the $60 for the extra warranty. It's a 15:1 bet on needing to use it, if that helps. Also, from pdf spec sheets on Panasonic site, the two models seem identical.
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Well, my wife nixed the Panasonic, she's very sensitive to motion processing, and she immediately noticed whatever it is that bothers her eye (I can't see it, but I think it may be the "soap opera effect"). I tried the different settings, to no avail. She said that the nearby vizio M series did not have the same motion issues. I have different issues with the vizio, however, so back to the drawing board for me.
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I just bought this guy at Costco. I got a refurb for $600 which seems like a great deal. I really like the picture quality so far. The set also made my girlfriend sick but setting "motion picture setting" to off seemed to alleviate that. I'm guessing this is their frame interpolation tech?

I also wanted to mention my set has some uniformity issues. Possibly the reason for the refurb. I don't get to se a lot of newish sets but I was wondering if this was normal. It's not severe but on a letter boxed video it is noticeable and it particularly stands out on the all red netflix screen. I'd heard this was almost unavoidable but that was a few years ago.

Not sure if I should be picky for $600 and keep looking or if I should just accept any tv around that price will have some uniformity issues.
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