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Left/Right in ceiling with center below TV?

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My living room has some unfortunate ductwork and I'm looking at in ceiling angled/enclosed speakers in a 10ft ceiling. Unfortunately I can't put in a center do to the AC. Would it give a really strange sound stage to do left and right in ceiling with a center channel about 24" off the ground under the tv? Sitting about 12ft back.
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Yes it would.  Try to keep your front speakers at the same height.  If you can't do all above maybe an LCR sound bar would work for your situation?

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yes and no - it would be better than all 3 in the ceiling, as most dialog comes from the center getting it as close to the screen is best. If you could bring the L and R down to the sides of the TV you would see further improvement.
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That's the same set up I have. It's definitely not optimal. I'm thinking if putting a center ceiling speaker in so they will at least match
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I'm not a fan of in ceiling speakers for the fronts.  They tend to have a couple problems.  The first is most ceiling speakers do not angle enough to be aiming at you.  If they aim mostly down they are not going to sound great.  Most in ceiling only angle about 15 degrees.  And the pivoting tweeter doesn't count, the whole sound field needs to aim towards the listeners. Most tweeter are too high of a frequency for dialogue and that is what we need most for TV.   You need at least a 30 degree angle or better and only few companies make them, Paradigm, Triad, Episode, Deftech, JBL, and others.


 The other issue with them is TV height.  If your TV is mounted high on the wall such as over a fireplace ceiling speakers are not bad and can give the illusion the sound is coming from the TV.  But if your TV is lower like on a stand or mounted lower on the wall the ceiling speakers are too high to give that illusion and that is why a sound bar might be a better solution.  If you have the ability for in-wall, on-wall mounted or freestanding that would be better but since you are looking at in ceiling speakers I figured those weren't options for your situation.

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Yeah, I am really not sure what to do. I was going to do in wall but I dont like the finality of it and the inability to change furniture. Wife has ruled out floor standing.TV will be be (Base) about 33" off the floor so not very high.
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Unfortunately there is a 12" flex duct in there between the same joists as the existing speaker locations so 13x13x8 enclosed boxes will not fit.
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In wall or in ceiling is not a great choice if you want to rearrange the room.  The speaker bar would be the best choice for that. Mount it under (or above) the TV on an articulating arm mount and the sound will aim whichever way you move the TV.


 I see your wiring and can give a couple suggestions if you want to use that wiring without extending down the wall.  An on ceiling speaker could work.  The Thiel Powerpoint are a good speaker but not inexpensive and you'll have to decide if they match your decor. But they would work for your situation.



Make a valance or soffit and mount speakers behind it using a speaker cloth.  Match the color of the soffit to the speaker cloth. Aim the speakers at the listeners.  Or you can make an angled soffit or valance and put in wall or non-angled in ceiling speakers in it.


The round in ceiling speakers give a small amount of flexibility in being able to rotate them to aim at the listening position.  You won't be able to re-arrange the room but might help if something slightly off center.  Of the brands I mentioned you would have to look at Paradigm, JBL and JBL's big brother Revel (which I didn't mention).  All make round models with decent angles.  The Paradigm CS-60R-30 has the least amount of mounting depth <5".  You would have to see if it will fit.

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Wall mount. I suggested some NHT or KEF on-wall speakers to somebody else earlier today. All around, it will give a better environment. In ceiling is ok (not great) for surrounds.
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