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PN51F8500 - Turning pink with Fios Box

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Jut hooked up my new set - seems when the channel goes from SD to HD programming it turns pink - any help is greatly appreciated. Last night watched a whole hd movie no issues - watching ESPN HD the issue occurs when regular SD commercial come on then the box goes back to HD
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Pink briefly, or permanently?
Try setting up box to always output 1080p/1080i signal.
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Once it turns pink it sticks - if I switch from one input back to STB input on receiver it goes away - this did not happen on my Pioneer Elite I just pulled down - I have changed HDMI inputs on TV same result. I used a different HDMI cord, same results. I even pulled another Fios box out of a room, same results.

The box is set to 1080i and SD is off
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Maybe try another TV to rule out a software / config bug with box?
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It is not the box I tried two boxes they all do the same thing - my Elite worked fine until I took it down - I think it is the either the SD OD which was off I going to text it in 480i and 480p to see if that helps - as I said we watched a 2 hr movie in HD fine last night - it is only when you ware watching a channel which has some SD commercials on them - it seems to turn pink when is tries to switch back to HD have. For instance Apple TV and Netflix through Apple TV fine I 2 theories

1- the Samsung is bad

2 - the Samsung is incompatiable with my Sony ES receiver
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Make sure the "RGB Only Mode" is set to OFF.
You'll find it in: Picture > Advanced Settings
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Over the years i have gotten pink screens from time to time from three different cable DVRs / cable boxes on all four of my Plasma TVs, a small HP/Sharp LCD TV, and a small Toshiba LCD TV - all when connected via HDMI.

There have been others here who have had the same thing happen to them with various TVs. It seems to be a resolution issue or handshake issue from the HDMI source, not a problem with the TV.
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Well I changed the SD override ont the STB from ofd to 480i I think that maybe the issue
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Nope - tried 480i/480p and off - now trying stretch - if it continues I am taking set back - originally had the 55VT60 but it was a hair too wide for my space - I think I will modify my cabinet and go with the 60vt60
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Well it is theSony DA5500ES receiver I have I run all HDI through it - it is doing something when the the picture changes from SD to HD - never had this issue in 4 years -
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it's only when you go thru AV receiver?
did you try to bypass the receiver? directly from STB to TV?
I'd suggest to try another AV receiver too, you would be surprised about various incompatibility, it's crazy to take the TV back when it has nothing to do with TV
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