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Best 60" Flat Panel for $1000-1500??

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I am in the market for a new 60".. budget is around $1000-1500.. recommendations?
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If you are cool with plasma you can get best picture quality vs price there I have a plasma it has a better picture than my LCD
but LCD/LED are better in brighter rooms .

Panasonic TC-PST60 series review http://reviews.cnet.com/flat-panel-tvs/panasonic-tc-p55st60/4505-6482_7-35567256.html
they also have a 65" model for similar price

Here is a page full of sets that you may like http://reviews.cnet.com/tvs/#maxPrice=1839&filter=500963_23087409
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I would check out the LG 60LN5710 at Fry's in-store for $899. It's on sale this week at Fry's in-store I believe. The 55" version is $729 online and $700 in-store. I saw a display of the 5700 version at best buy. It looks decent. It has some glare. The only thing it lacks is a wifi adapter that you would have to buy for $40. The 55" 5700 version costs like 1065 though. I like the Samsung 60" EH6000 tv. It only has 2 hdmi ports though and does not have any internet capabilities. The picture quality is great though, looks good, low glare, has a thin bezel, and switches channels pretty quickly. It doesn't swivel though. They may still sell versions of this tv at Costco and sam's club.
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I'd echo the 60ST60 from Panasonic, for your price range and size, you won't find any FP that'll be quite as attractive, or compete with it. It's an incredible value.
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Thx. Any thoughts on Vizio E601I-A3?
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Originally Posted by jjdurrant View Post

Thx. Any thoughts on Vizio E601I-A3?

The ST60 blows it out of the water. If the ST60 is a bit high, or you're looking for something more inexpensive, then I'd look at the S60 from Panasonic. You lose a few key benefits dropping from the ST to the S, but regardless the S60 is still very solid. If you're in that price rang (like the E601 from Vizio) then I'd recommend looking at the Sharp LE650. A very solid option for the price, and well worth the extra $80 over the Vizio (if you're dead set on LCD.)
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Thanks guys. I am going to give the ST60 a shot
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