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Cable/Satellite options for multiple locations

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My mom is a "snowbird"--she spends summers in Canton, OH and winters in Sun City, AZ. Right now, she has Cox Cable in AZ and Time Warner in OH (since there's no real choice in cable options at either point). She spends a lot of money keeping one site on "vacation mode" while she's at the other. She also gets the phone and internet bundle (I'm hoping to wean her away from phone service and just use her cell).

Is there a cheaper option for this, either in cable or satellite? I was hoping that she could get Dish or DirecTV on both ends, and just move the Smart Card back and forth, so only one account would need to be "live". Any ideas would be welcome.
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Tell her to get a Slingbox for one site or the other that way she's only paying for one cable tv subscription and have her install an OTA antenna for the local channels wherever she spends less time at.
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Originally Posted by Tom Wellman View Post

Tell her to get a Slingbox for one site or the other that way she's only paying for one cable tv subscription and have her install an OTA antenna for the local channels wherever she spends less time at.

But she's still going to have to pay for internet at BOTH sites - how IS that saving her $$$??? confused.gif (not to mention having to mess with an OTA antenna...)

OP - First, you CANNOT move smartcards between receivers. She could have 2 sets of receivers on her account for each place, that could be turned on/off each time she moved. However, they will NOT let you do this with leased equipment, & depending on which/how many receivers she has, it can be pretty costly to purchase the receivers herself.

Best you could do, is have her get a new satellite install at one place - then do a "dish movers" service when she moves to her other place, so they install (another) dish at that said place. As long as you have had service for about a year, the dish mover should be FREE.

Once this is all done, all she has to do is when she moves each time, is just unplug & take her receiver(s)/remote(s) to the other place, then call & have the address switched - which will then update her locals for that area. This way, if she has a DVR, she will NOT loose all the existing shows on it; she WILL have to update any timers that are on local networks. (ABC, CBS, etc.)

This would be valid for either DISH or DirecTV - they have lots of snowbird customers that do this all the time... wink.gif
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Well if that's the case, she could install a Slingbox at a caring neighbors or relatives place.
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With DirecTV she could do one of two things. She could have service set up now in Ohio, and then this winter when she goes to Arizona she can take all her receivers there and set up a mover's connection to get them all installed there. Since it would be sooner than 12 months she would have to pay for them to do the install. Then when she comes back to Ohio next summer she brings the receivers back with her and hooks them up like they were before she left for Arizona and calls DirecTV and tells them she is back in Ohio so they switch her local channels back. This results in one account active year long, but it may be hard for her if she is not comfortable unhooking/moving/hooking up the receivers herself or doesn't have anyone who could do it for her at both locations.

Otherwise she could have service installed in Ohio now, and then when she moves to Arizona for the winter put that account on hold. DirecTV will put an account on hold for up to 6 months at a time within a 12 month period. Then when she gets to Arizona she can set up another account there, and put it on vacation when she comes back up here. DirecTV does not charge anything for accounts on hold, which it sounds like her cable companies do. The advantage of this is that she won't have to move receivers back and forth every 6 months. However, that does mean that she will be on the hook with DirecTV for about 4 years in both locations since her 24 month contact will only be reduced by 6 months every year since she only has the service active at each location for 6 months a year. Also, if she records a lot on her DVRs she might not like that anything she records in Ohio won't be with her in Arizona so she has to either watch it before she leaves, or leave it for when she gets back (and vice versa).

Internet is another story. Depending on how she uses it would something like a Verizon or AT&T MiFi device be a good fit? She can take it back and forth with her and have service wherever she is without having to cancel/suspend accounts all the time. You just have to watch out for overages if she uses a lot of data.
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