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Projector screen selection help!!!

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Hi All,

As I'm starting to plan my HT upgrades, I've realized that picking the right screen is a hard job... Hoping to use the experience of the forum's members to narrow down my choices...

Here's my setup:
  • Room is 20' x 15' (d x w)
  • I sit about 14' from the TV (Sofa is moved forward a bit)
  • I have a plasma 65" TV which is recessed in the wall
  • My front, left & center speakers are in-wall surrounding my TV
  • It's a basement in which the light can be controlled... but we do normally (85% of the time) have low ambient lighting

So far, I have come up with the following:
  • Possible projector short listed to: Epson 6020 due to the brightness or the Sony HW50 as the reviews are very good; better than the Epson
  • Projector will be setup using a ceiling mount at a throw of about 14' to 15'
  • Screen is to be retractable, electric and tab tensioned.
  • Screen is to be preferably installed in-ceiling with a trap door... but price will dictate this requirement
  • Preferred size would be 100" width or 110" to 115" diagonal
  • Due to the size, my current left and right in-wall speakers would be hidden by the projector... I considered going acoustic transparent, but due to the loss in audio, brightness and most of all price, I will opt to simply move them out of the way
  • My center which sits above the TV would also be hidden... so I'm either considering having the black drop perforated or simply build a soffit to the ceiling to move the center speaker out and mount the projector screen inside the soffit. Price will dictate this requirement

What is my best option? Budget is around 5k.
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A good tab tensioned above ceiling screen can easily be half your budget or more. How much top drop do you need? If you would like to discuss your options, give us a call.
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Not to hijack but I too have questions regarding my new setup. 135" screen, in wall speakers that will be covered by the screen itself. I was hoping to use a CineGrey screen as the room has a single window and will have a bit of ambient light which I will control the best of my ability. Is there a fixed AT grey screen for this application?
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