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PS3 slim refusing to "bit-stream" to my receiver?

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I just hooked up my brand new PS3 slim via a HDMI cable to my trusty Yamaha RX-v465 receiver, thinking it can decode whatever the PS3 outputs.

I've set the PS3 to "bitstream" mode but I suspect the receiver is not playing along nicely:

- when playing the game (demo) Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two the receiver shows "DTS" on the display which I think is correct but

- when playng other PS3 demos (haven't got any full games yet) it shows "multichannel PCM" no matter what. I think in Ultra Bomberman it was showing "2-channel PCM" though...

- when playing movies with AC3 (DD 5.1) it also shows "multichannel PCM" sound (pressing "Select" I can see the track is encoded in AC3)

- in XMB it's also showing multi PCM

Is my PS3 ignoring the "bitstream mode" setting and deccoding the audio itself, instead of the receiver? I know it shouldn't do this when set to "bitstream". I would expect this sort of behavior if I were running the PS3 in LPCM mode and even then I would at least expect the receiver to show DD5.1 for AC3 sources.

Can somebody help me troubleshoot this? Many thanks!


I've found this elsewhere:

"Games are never streamed as the format they are supplied on disc as and should always be decoded by the PS3 and not the amp. You'll get multichannel LPCM with games via HDMI. This is to allow the PS3 to mix button sounds into the audio, something it cannot do if games audio is bitstreamed to your amp."

OK so assuming this is correct then that would explain why I'm seeing "multi PCM" in games (although does not explain why I saw "DTS" in the Mickey game). But why am I seeing it also for DD5.1 movies?
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Are you saying I should post my issue in that thread?
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