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Black Looks A Bit Brownish...

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I have been using the AVS HD-709 on several displays with good results for a while now, however I am having trouble with one of the DILA PJ I calibrate. The Blacks which usually were nice and deep blacks now have a slight brownish look to them.

Is this something beyond adjusting Brightness and Contrast? Should the Red Green or Blues be played with as well, or is it and aging bulb. Hopefully somebody can guide me in the correct direction.
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Not a brightness/contrast thing.

Brown is a really dark yellow ... so you may have to venture to the B-brightness control and increase that ... or decrease R & G Brightness

Without instruments ... you need a grayscale stair step ramp pattern up so you can see where the issue lies on the dark end.

If it was okay one day and suddenly became like this overnight, then it may not be a grayscale issue but a sign of something else happening.

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No instruments here but do have a grayscale step I can use.

When your thinking it might be something else what do you mean like a bulb brightness or a component failing?

I think I will go back and reset it back to default and start from there. One of the buttons is preprogram to the default setting and I was pretty sure the blacks looked normal there(not brownish), but everything else needed some adjustment.

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Components failing cannot cause a problem were black looks a bit too brown. A lamp getting old cannot do something that specific either. You could have too little blue light from the lamp but that would make EVERYTHING look too yellow or too brown (dark). This is digital video. You don't have things affecting the 1s and 0s selectively and intelligently... which is what would have to happen for your particular problem to happen. When a component fails, you lose the entire integrity of the 1s and 0s and end up with a completely trashed picture. Even something in the light path that is failing can't really cause a problem you describe as it would affect blue (or red and green) in all luminance (brightness) ranges, not just the darker shades of yellow (browns). Red + Green = yellow when red and green are bright or = brown when red and green are dimmer.

JVC projectors, depending on vintage, may have controls that can fix your specific problem, but you're not likely to fix it yourself without an understanding of calibration and calibration controls and the controls available in your specific projector (the newer the JVC projector, the more useful the internal calibration controls are, the older it is, the less precision you will have from the internal calibration controls). So the right fix for your issue is for you to teach yourself how to calibrate and acquire a suitable meter, software, and test pattern source or hire a professional who is familiar with JVC projector calibration for your vintage (someone not experienced can probably figure out the controls, but it could take quite a while, probably more than 1 day's work. Someone experienced with your year/model would get the projector calibrated as well as it can be calibrated in a single trip.
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Found the issue to be the pre-amp.
Somehow the video setting mode their went from OFF to Custom and it threw the black levels off completely.
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