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Setting up the Clearstream 2V in Elizabethtown, KY

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Hello all,

I am new to the forum. I just purchased ( awesome price on Ebay) a Clearstream 2v antenna. I haven't had a chance to install it yet, but I have linked my tvfool.com report below and was wondering if there is anyone else in the area who has installed this antenna or a similar one and any suggestions you may have. Or, if you can look at my report and give me some suggestions. I did assemble the antenna last night and just as a test hooked it up outside, but had it on the ground and it only pulled in 2 PBS stations that have transmitters within 10 miles of my house. All of the major networks are out of Louisville, KY and they are between 40-50 miles away. I obviously am going to install this on my roof and it will just be going to 1 TV at the moment. I don't have alot of trees in the direction that I need to go. Any advice or information to help me would be great!!

Here is the link to my tvfool.com report.

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Hmmmm.... Hate to say this, but don't get your hopes up.

Your TVfool plot suggests you're likely going to need a lot more antenna along with a pre-amp and, probably, a custom channel 43 notch filter. However, since you already have the C2V, use a TEMPORARY [emphasis added] mount and put it up on the roof and retest. It will be interesting to see what happens.
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If by chance this doesn't work, do you have any recommendations for a stronger antenna?
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Sure. There are plenty of larger antennas that ought to do the job.

Let's see what this one does, first.
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As suspected, the Clearstream 2V did not work. I positioned it at the highest point on my roof, and all it pulled in was 2 PBS channels and 4 channels associated with the ION network. No major networks coming in. So, if anyone has recommendations on what antenna I should go with, i would appreciate the info. Thanks!
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The C2V is an awesome antenna and functions as a great indoor antenna as well. I can receive full power UHF signals from 75 miles with a CS2 and amp. But reception can vary based upon location. If you need a strong UHF antenna, then consider a 91XG or DB8e or similar version. And a good preamp. Or a Winegard 7698 if Hi VHF is needed as well.
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Thanks for letting us know how it turned out.

You have several viable options available to you:

1) A single large, channel 7-51(69) antenna that's 3' wide and 8 to 14' in length, depending on selected model.

2) A pair of antennas such as our 91XG or similar plus a large, 10-element high-VHF antenna from either Winegard or Antennacraft.

Either way, the system is going to be quite large.

Best of luck!
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You are probably going to need preamp. I would you get it next and try it on the antenna you have. Most of your stations are North of you. Make sure the antenna is aimed properly and get it up as high as possible.
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