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BD Live Issue

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Trying to access BD Live content on Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. After clicking on BD Live icon, it requires that I select my country (US), but there are no countries in the drop down menu. The drop down menu simply states, "No Options," and I can't proceed any further. Any ideas?
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Maybe BD Live is no longer supported on that Title
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Thanks. I didn't know that BD Live content was discontinued.
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Originally Posted by Toknowshita View Post

Maybe BD Live is no longer supported on that Title

Really? I don't think I've run into a title yet like that. I tried some old BD live titles recently, and any issues I had accessing it was related to the player. Since my Sony S5100 could access them without issue.
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I've never heard of BD Live content expiring either but I guess it's possible. I would think though for a high profile title like the Potter films stuff like that would remain active for a long time. Have you contacted the studio to confirm?
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It's possible or you are trying to access it from a territory that is blocked. BD Live was a big failure. Other than some Live screening events and studios using to stream current previews I don't think it used much at least related to content directly related to the film that is purchased on the disc.

Second screen might use some BD Live hooks but very few discs are advertised with 'BD Live' features.
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