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I have a problem with my LG HR-550S BD player - when I try to start it it shows the LG logo and then the TV reports no signal - I tested with multiple TV / and HDMI cables (so I presume the only problem can be the player).

Can be any special settings or something ? I need to mention that I moved - and I changed the original TV (Samsung / but I cannot remember the model) currently I used a Philips (old model LCD tv) / Sony - 3d monitor / and a Samsung Monitor - with HDMI cables.

Can the factory defaults settings can be rested in blind ? Or some blind firmware update during the LG logo (because is the only image I have on the Player)

Also as a new thing - I noticed that on the player display menu - the player is "working" like showing the different menu options that I browse (but not image on the TV - again I don't think is the cable or the hdmi port because I have the LG logo and load screen when I start the player so something is initialize after that is blocking the player somehow)

Thanks in advance for any help - I will also try to get in touch with LG service - but I wanted your advice first.