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Too small of a room for a riser?

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New home is currently under construction...

Media room is not huge. It's 15'x13' with the screen being on the 13' wall.

Is this too small of a room for a riser? Also looking for seating advice in a room this small.
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it is too small if you want two rows of plush reclining home theater seating, Think of it as a private screening room and go with a single row of 4 seats positioned 11 - 11 1/2 ft from the screen, For seating consider offerings of Rtheaters.com The Fusion line is a value proposition.
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Another possibility is to rotate the room ninety degrees, and go with an acoustically transparent screen and give up 30" of
the 15' depth. The upside is you hide the sub/s, front speakers, and bass traps.

A floor plan for the room would get you some specific layout suggestions.

How tall is the room?
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I have nearly the same room dimensions. I opted for a single row of 5 (plus two foam filled bean bags). I added a riser to elevate viewing, increase gain with my HP screen, and also because it gives the room a more dedicated theater look. A single row allowed me to keep the chair back at least three feet from the wall. I definitely could not see opting for two rows in my room.

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could be tight - my new room will be 17'4" x 12'6' - based on my quick designs i will be able to do a riser with a 106" screen but if i had to scoot everything up by 2 feet that may be too close to the screen for the front row -
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thanks. I'll check those out. We're even just considering a small sectional in there as well. It does just seem like I should not worry about a riser in this space though.
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Mine is 12x15 give or take an inch and if I have adults in the loveseat in the back their toes will be hitting the heads of the front row depending on how much everyone reclines.

Screen is on the 15' wall. If you have to do the screen on the 13' then just put one row of four seats at 12' and call it good; saves a lot of cost as well.
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iamjason, are you doing a stage as well? I'm sitting at 13'4" x 18'7", but my challenge lengthwise is that i have breaker box on the would-be screen wall; if i'm understanding things correctly, code requires 3-ft clearance to the breaker box frown.gif I wanted to do a minimalist stage too. I may see if i can move the breaker box too, but that's another story.

I did want the minimal clearance from the back wall for the [hoping] 2nd row, but may need to give it up. If so, then I'll do a more substantial stage.
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You have about a foot more than me...where in the wall is the box? if it is in the center then can you add a false wall 3ft in front?if u do that you could go without a stage and go for a clean screen wall. If the box is in the side then u will be ok.

I am having a stage coming out about 30" ...scren will be on the wall but i need 24" in each side for av gear on one side and movie shelves in the other with floating walls blocking them
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