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HD WRITER AE 4.0 - Unable to save video to DVD

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I have a new Panasonic HC-V500 Camcorder which came with HD Writer AE 4.0. After filling over half of a 32Gb SD card with video files I was able to use this program to save all the files successfully to 4 DVDs. I then cleared the files from the SD card and have been shooting more video. However, when I've tried saving the latest files to DVD using same process, everything works fine until 97% of the process is completed (of first DVD), then it freezes (at stage of creating Disc Image). I've tried uninstalling HD Writer and re-installing but with same result. I have checked what is on the DVD using Explorer but it shows it to be empty - just a 150 MB used, even though it had been 'saving' files for over 2 hours before it froze! I am using Windows Vista Home Basic with 31.2GB space left. Can anyone suggest what problem might be and how to solve it, please? Is there any other way of getting files saved to DVD if HD Writer doesn't work?
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I have HD writer AE 3.0, bit I had a similar problem that drove me nuts for months.
Mine kept stopping at 72% of the disc image. Every single time. I had previously successfully made 4 dvds from my TM900. The second time, and the third time I tried, it just kept stopping during DVD writing in the same place every time.

After a dreadful period of writing, uninstalling, rewriting, re editing, chopping, changing, and trying everything I could think of and finally realised that the only difference was probably my edits.
I wondered if it was having prblems doing any of my enhancements just at the 'join' of the dvds, ie where the video runs over from one dvd to the next.
I deleted the 'fades, transitions, titles,' and everything else that fell around the 4.7 GB mark. and the 9.4 GB mark (ie where I felt like it may be making the join to the next dvd).
It worked. It stopped freezing, and wrote the next dvds perfectly.

The way I found this out, was that if I put the 3rd Output file into the 2nd output file position, (ie out of chronological order) as it was always making the 2nd dvd that froze. I felt it was something in the 2nd output dvd that was mucking up.

Try it, delete your fades, transitions, etc... from your newly edited movie, and reoutput it. Then try to write that to DVDs and see if it works.
Good luck.
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Hi... thanks for responding to this! Unfortunately I don't think my problem is same as yours. All I am trying to do is to copy unedited video files straight from my camera to a DVD recorder via my PC. Thanks to Panasonic Customer Service, I have found that if I copy all the files to the computer first and then copy them again onto the DVD, I can get them recorded. However, playback is not as smooth as it was when I recorded my first DVDs using the direct method - as each scene changes the video freezes, often with the picture showing a double image, before moving to next scene. Very frustrating! Also it took 9 DVD's to store about 20Gb of data, and each DVD took about an hour to write, so tying up my computer and my time as I had to be around to change discs, create labels etc. Then deleting the stored files from the computer and the camera took ages too. This is all immensely slow and frustrating compared with old days of analogue recording!!
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Are you using HD writer to 'create a project?'
It doesn't take long if you want to, and eliminates the scene freeze thing between clips.
All you do is load HD Writer after plugging in your cam to the pc. Click create new project, program will show all your video clips, select them all and (I think) put them all on the timeline. If you're doing no editing or embellishment, then you're already done. Click output the video.
It will run all the clips seamlessly together into one long movie.

the best thing about this is that THEN, when your next step is to click on copy to media, and you put it on dvd, it will tell you how many dvds you need and...even better....just run them consecutively, telling you when to put the next one in, so that one just runs after the other.
It's really good!

It sounds much quicker than what you're doing, and less jumpy, even though you're doing one less step. (the output step.)

I had the 'scene freeze' problem between clips when I did the same thing as you, when I was using Cyberlink,...I didn't realise I had to import through the software. It was so much easier and quicker when I finally worked that out.
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