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I have a LED TV with 2 HDMI inputs, currently HDMI1 is connected to the satellite set-top-box, HDMI2 is available to Xbox 360 and Streamer - depending on which I am using at the time.

I seem to be having crackling audio issues at various resolutions, depending on which device I am using.

  • Satellite works at 720P and starts crackling at 1080i
  • Streamer works at 1080P and hardly ever crackles
  • Xbox 360 is unusable at anything above 480p as television image becomes distorted with "glitches" on the screen.

The connection from the media devices to the television is direct (no receiver, no switches) and based on the variable nature of where the problem starts, I am assuming the cables are not the issue here.

I am hoping that splitting the audio and the image through a receiver will resolve the issue but I am a bit concerned with spending a few hundred dollars on on something that may not necessarily solve the problem.

Any suggestions?