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[Need Advice] Best 60"+ HDTV under 1500$ in terms of Gaming and PQ performance

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I'm looking to buy a new 60" or above HDTV, my utilisation is primarily Games and Occasional Movie Watching. I'm looking for something below 1500$ CAN.

I do not care about Smart features, 3D, remote or even the look of the TV.

My room has a pretty big window, but Sunlight would not be direct on the TV, I do like to play during the day, so the room is well lit, but no direct sunlight.

I'm looking mostly for something that will have vivid colours, a high level of clarity (lack of blur and high sharpness), and low input lag. I can live with off angle, and somewhat non realistic colours, as long as it looks good when I game.

I've found it really hard to find accurate info towards input lag. For example, displaylag.com says the Samsung PN60F5500 has very good input lag, at 37ms AVG. While *******************.com says it has terrible input lag between 70ms and 100ms. Who am I supposed to trust?

Also, I am not the most difficult towards input lag, I believe below 50ms AVG to be ok.

Right now, I'm hesitating between these sets:

- Vizio E601i-A3
- Samsung PN60F5500 AFXZC
- Samsung PN60F5300 AFXZC
- Dynex DX-60D260A13
- Panasonic TCP60S60
- LG 60PN6500
- Sharp LC60LE550U
- Sharp LC60E69U

Any input appreciated,
Thank you.
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Just got the Dynex 60D260A13 at Best Buy for $699. I'm quite impressed.

Like you, I was looking for bare-bones; dislike 3D, use AppleTV for Internet apps, etc. Game mode removes all lag.

The Dynex panel is made by Sharp (confirmed by checking the ID in the service menu) and the thickish bezel and total depth do to bother me. My wife is a fanatic for the deep blacks of plasma sets and she was blown away by the deep blacks on the Dynex.

Like any HDTV, fiddling with the settings is required for optimal performance. We're 99% of the way to being satisfied, just a started two days ago.

Considered other affordable 55" units, but there are very few options at the price point. The 60" size is noticeably more impressive than the 55".

I did buy the extended warranty from BB. Their replacement warranty means that if it dies in 5 years and they can't fix it, I get a replacement current model. Hard to beat that.
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How is the blurring?
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If you have to have the lowest input lag, go with Sony W600. (6ms by camera, 15ms by Leo Bodnar) Do not waste your money by going with the models featuring impulse mode such as the W800 and the W900. You will have to choose between blur reduction (WITH flickers and brightness drop) and higher input lag. (30ms by Leo Bodnar)

If you want both low input lag and great motion handling, go with either Panasonic S60 or Samsung F5300/F5500. If you don't like pentile plasmas, skip the Samsungs also, but if you're fine with them, go with them. BTW, if you go with the Samsungs, make sure to rename HDMI1 input to PC in order to access the lowest input lag. This trick is accessible to ALL Samsung TVs. (plasmas, LCDs, OLEDs) That's why other reviews mentioned high input lags when engaging even game mode. Samsung's PC mode gets far lower input lag than the game mode. Either way, the S60's 34ms and the F5300/F5500's 38~39ms are both excellent considering Leo Bodnar tester gives plamsas extra disadvantages.
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Originally Posted by nes1984 View Post

How is the blurring?

I don't use it for gaming, so can't comment on that specifically.
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The mere existence of 3D feature in LCD HDTV's, actually improves motion blur for 2D use. (even if you never use 3D).

This is because LCD's that can do 3D, are often faster (out of necessity), sometimes have strobe backlights that are Game Mode compatible (e.g. Motionflow Impulse), and sometimes supports true 120Hz (during 720p at least). So if you never use 3D, having the feature in the LCD HDTV is beneficial from a motion blur perspective during 2D use, even if you never use 3D.

Have you considered Sony, because of their lower input lag (slightly under 1 frame), and because of their lower motion blur (during Motionflow Impulse)?
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