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Thanks smitty 8451, I'll give it a shot.
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Originally Posted by srjohnson19 View Post

I just took delivery of a Yamaha cx-a5000. I have an Oppo bdp-105. I'm in the process of wiring my media room with all of the available channels. In the meantime, I'm am listen to 2 channel music. I have the oppo bdp-105 connected to the yamaha cx-a5000 via hdmi 1 (AV1), the yamaha cx-a5000 connected to a Mcintosh mc-402 amp via balanced xlr cables. My question; can I listen to music CDs via bitstream instead of PCM? When I set the oppo to output hdmi audio "bitstream", the yamaha still reads PCM on the display. Also, SACD DSD 2 channel audio is not heard. Is there anything that can be set on either unit to pass bitstream?
Thank you in advance.

Can you say something on the difference between the Oppo 105 analog out and the Yamam CX5000 connected by HDMI with the Oppo? I M interested in movie sound only!
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I have only been listening via hdmi with the cx-a5000.
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Question to see if anyone has incurred a similar issue connecting the Oppo 103d to the Yamaha CX-A5000 pre/pro via a CAT6 Baluns connection.  When I fire up the entire system with an Elan HC4 (G) wireless remote, the Oppo will caused the Sony 55es  projector to start flashing blue (handshake issues!!!).  For what itps worth, the Sony Projector is also connected to the Yamaha via a separate CAT6 Balun configuration, but this seems to be working as the cable connection doesn't seem to create an issue..  


I can usually fix the handshake issue between the Oppo and Yamaha by powering on and back on, but this is a huge inconvenience.   I'm assuming that the Balun I'm using are just very finicky, but I would appreciate any advice a work around solution, (ie, possibly changing the firing pattern of the various devices upon start-up.  


Also, any general concerns with using a Kramer Balun via Cat 6 over 40 a 40 foot run for this solution would be helpful.    


Thanks again


Thanks for your help

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