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Need multiple advice/recommendations for the new LR

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I'm new to the forum here and wasn't sure where the right spot was to post my questions so I picked here because part has to do with an existing receiver...Anyhow, I'm in my last home till retirement at least and in the process of deciding what and how to finish up my LR set up with a new TV and surround set up, I will be getting a new 65" Plasma most likely or possible a larger LCD ? Haven't decided which way to go yet but believe the size of my LR can handle it either route...

I've redone the whole room when we bought the home last year so I have speaker wires in the wall (still behind the rock) waiting to be pulled out and terminated with up to 7.1 (not sure if I should go with 5,6 or 7.1 but ran the wires just in case) All my speaker wires run back to a closet where I planned on having my AVR and using a RF remote set up or IR repeater of some sort to control whatever components/boxes I may end up using? I also ran HDMI and Cat5 from the TV wall to the closet as well.(trying to minimize clutter in the LR and just have the TV & Speakers mounted)

I want to mainly have the room set up for movies but at the same time concerts on DVD or streaming as well so the sound quality I would like to be suitable for both.I was leaning towards satellite speakers at first but think after alot of reading here I think for what I'm looking for a better quality set of wall mountable mid size bookshelves would be better ?(I like mids and deep base) But at the same time dont wanna break the bank....

My room size is 23.5' x 15 with 8'ceilings , the TV (whichever one I decide on) will be in the center of the 15' wall and my viewing distance would be from 8' to 12' on a slight offset from center of the TV wall (couch or something on side wall) and 14'-16' directly in front of the TV (my chair or double/triple HT set).

The existing equipment I have packed away still is listed below but not sure if I should add to what I have (and with what)or if Its best to sell what I have and start from scratch with newer modern up to date stuff ??

Marantz SR7300 (never really got to fully set it up properly since I've had it) but no HDMI ports??
Boston Acoustic CR400 sub
Boston Acoustic CR2 center speaker.

Any and all comments/suggestions are much appreciated,looking forward to hearing some feedback and the experience of the folks on this great forum to steer me in the right direction to eventually have a great HT my 6yr old boy and I can thoroughly enjoy....

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Guess I may have put too many questions in one post and possibly in the wrong area? Just figured I would try to keep all related questions and concerns in one post??
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