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Corner TV Stand Options? VT60

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Looking at getting a 60" Panasonic VT60 and it has been awhile since I bought a new TV (I am still running the Sony 50 XBR1 rear projection LCD). I

am looking for a place to buy a TV stand/shelf to put it on. When I bought the Sony they were making tv stands specifically for the tv you were buying but it appears that is no longer the case. Where is a good place to look (google give me a bunch of trash and websites with too many options)? I would prefer an angled/corner made stand to push it as far back in a corner of a room as the tv will allow. I am just looking for opinions on where you go to look.

It would also be nice to see what other people's set up look like.

Thanks for any help.
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Another option may be to have a local furniture maker or cabinet builder build a custom corner stand to your specs. My boss found a local furniture repairman/refinisher/reupholsterer who also builds tables and had him build a custom TV credenza and matching coffee table and end table for under $800 - and it looks better than a lot of store-bought stuff.
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I appreciate the input. We do have a solid wood furniture store where I live who get furniture made by the Amish. So that be an option. I am not in any real hurry but it is difficult finding stands made for large tv's recessed in corners. I think Best Buy had 300 options for 60" TV's but of those 75 -100 were the same stand with bigger dimensions. It is also hard to find angled stands for corner installations. Maybe I am the odd ball who wants to put the tv in the corner and would like stand angled the same way.

I like your set up randy. I never thought about doing what you do with a wall mount. Very creative and gave me more options to consider since most of the stands out there are fugly.
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